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Saranagathi Vol.02.005

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 18:57:28 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

After a few week's hiatus , we are
releasing the next issue of 
SaraNAgathi Journal.This release 
was delayed due to reasons described below.

Those who are interested to receive this 
electronic journal are requested to contact
Sri Rengarajan ( )
or Sri Anbil Ramaswami ( )
or myself .
Best wishes,

ISSUE 2.05
>Senior Vice President :  V. SADAGOPAN
>SrimAn VEnkata NAthArya Kavi ThArkika KEsari /
>VEdhAnthAchArya Varyo mEy SannidhatthAm SadhA Hridhi //
>            "SARANAGATHI"
>          (Official Journal of SDDS)
>Editor - in - Chief :    V. SADAGOPAN
>Co- Editor :             SAMPATH RENGARAJAN
>Publisher :              ANBIL RAMASWAMY
>Sarva DharmAn pArithyajya mAm Ekam SaraNam Vraja /
>Aham ThvA Sarva pApEbhyo mOkshayishyAmi /
>mA Sucha //
>VOL :  02.005                                       02 Aug. 1999
>In this  Issue:
>1.  Editorial
>2.  Acharya  Vamsa  Vriksham  - Part  29 - Anbil  Ramaswamy
>3.  PradhAna Sathakam - Part 10 - V. Sadagopan
>4.  Upakara Sangraham part 3 -  U.Ve.Anantha Narasimhachar,
>    Srirangam
>5.  Learn our tradition (sampradhAya) the easy way
>    - A course for Kids/Beginners: Grade 1
>    "Lesson 6" -"Koil" - Anbil Ramaswamy
>1.  Editorial
>Dear BhakthAs:
>Thanks very much for your  patience  during  the  past few weeks,
>when the release of the new issues was not possible due to number
>of other pressing matters that  required  the  attention  of  the
>Board  Members.  Sri Anbil  Swamy,  Srimans  Sampath  Rengarajan,
>Venkatesh   Elayavalli   and  adiyEn  sincerely  appreciate  your
>continued interest in the SaraNAgathi Journal. We have heard from
>some of you about the relevance  of our effort and its usefulness
>to You. Please share your views with us to serve you better.
>Few timely items that took time away  from  our  well-intentioned
>efforts to release the SaraNAgathi issues earlier are:
>(1) The enormous effort that went into  the design and production
>of the first of its kind CD ROM  on  AchArya  RAmunujA's Life and
>Sri Sookthis. With the AchAryA's blessings,  the project has been
>completed and the CD ROM is ready for release on  Swami Desikan's
>Thirunakshathram day (PurattAsi SravaNam).  This kaimkaryam  fits
>well  with  the  central  objectives  of  Swami  Desika   Darsana
>sathsangham, whose electronic journal is " SaraNAgathi ".
>(2) The time needed by V.S to help the creators of  the  Audio CD
>ROM version of Swamy Deasikan's SthOthra MaalA. The 28 SthOthrams
>have been recorded by Sri.Nadadur Madhavan of Sri RAmAnuja Kootam
>of Virginia with sampradhAya  Suddham  and  high  degree of audio
>fidelity. There are 6 volumes of audio CD ROM cassettes  recorded
>by 2 ardent Desika BhakthAs from New Jersey. The first 3  volumes
>of these Sri Sookthis were earlier released in April 1999 and the
>remaining 3 including the Achyutha sathakam in Praakrith language
>are being released on September 19, 1999 at Sri RanganAthA temple
>at Pomona, NJ. Please  contact any one of us regarding details on
>these interactive, audio and  Multimedia  cassettes  on  the  Sri
>Sookthis and lives of AchArya RaamAnujA and Swami Sri Desikan.
>(3) Sri Sampath Rengarajan has been  extremely  tied up with fund
>raising efforts  for the  Once-in-a-lifetime  Kaimkaryam  of  Sri
>KomaLavalli SamEtha Sri AarAvamudhan's  SamprOkshaNam  at  Thiruk
>kudanthai. He raised a substantive amount of  funds  from  fellow
>BhagavathAs from all over the world for this  SamprOkshaNam.  The
>most satisfying part is the allocation of the majority  of  these
>funds for a SvarNa kavacham for Sri AarAvamudhan. Sri  Rengarajan
>was blessed to take part in this MahA Uthsavam at Thirukkudanthai
>and he used the occasion to visit number of Divya desams. He just
>returned from his trip.
>Let me stop here and state that we are very happy to restart this
>Kaimkaryam of publication of  SaraNAgathi issues  and  seek  your
>inputs, recommendations to serve you better in the months ahead.
>Swami Desikan ThruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
>AdiyEN, V.Sadagopan for the Editorial Board