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Sri NaarAyaNIyam :100th Dasakam -SlOkams 6-10

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 12:06:56 PDT

(6)DhyAnam of Sri GuruvAyurappan's chest with vanamAlai

uthsarpath kousthubha SrItathibhiraruNitham KomaLam KhaNDadEsam
Vaksha: SrIvatsaramyam taralatarasamuddhhIprahaarapathanAM I
naanaa varNa prasUnAvali kisalayanIm vanyamAlAm vilOla -
llOlABhAm lamBhamAnamurasi thava taThA bhavayE rathnamAlAm II

(meaning): hEy GuruvAyurappA ! I meditate on your beautiful 
neck radiant with the lustre from the Kousthubha MaNi resting
below on Your Vakshasthalam ; there I enjoy the sight of Your 
garland of pearls , which moves in unison with Your body 
movements .There again on Your chest region , I have the bhAgym of 
darsanam of the divine mark , Srivatsam . I meditate further 
in my mind's eye about the gem-studded necklace and 
the Vaijayanthi vana maalai with its forest flowers 
surrounded by the honey bees .

(7)Meditation of BhagavAn adorned with Sandal paste & PeethAmbharam

anghE panchAngarAgairathisaya vikasath sourabhAkrushta lOkam 
leenAnEkathrilOki  vithathamaoi krusAm Bhibratham madhyavallIm I
sakrAsmanyastha tapthOjjvala kanaka nibham peethachElam dhadhAnam
dhyAyAmO dheeptha rasmi sputamaNirasanA kimkiNi maNDitham thvAm II 

(meaning): hEy GuruvAyUrappA! We meditate on Your body with 
the fragrance of five kinds of sandal pastes .That divine fragrance 
pulls everyone powerfully towards You . We meditate on Your slender
waist that does not give any sign of the immense universes that
it houses .We meditate on Your golden raiment(peethAmbharam)
which radiates the hue of sapphire ( Indhra neelam ) enmeshed in
gold .We meditate on Your waist belt (ottiyANam )resplendent
with the rays emanating from the gems embedded in it .We meditate 
on Your kati soothram (araijy~Ann) decorated with little 
golden bells generating divine music as You move about .

(8)Reflection and description of the Thighs of BhagavAn

Ooru chAru ghanamasruNaruchou chitthachOrou RamAyA:
VisvakshObham visankhya dhruvamanisamupou peethachElAvrutthAngai:
aanmarANAm purasthAnnyasanagrutha samasthArtha paalisamudhga-
cchAyam jaanudhvayam cha kramaprathlamanOgyE cha janghE nishEvE

(Meaning):hEy GuruvAyurappA ! I salute Your charming ankles ,
Your beautiful knees reminding us of two containers for treasuring
all purushArthams for the BhakthAs , who surrender unto You .
We meditate on Your two shining strong thighs , which are 
adored by MahA Lakshmi and are covered with peethAmbharam so that 
the world will not get intoxicated by the experience of their beauty .

(9)DhyAnam of the CharaNAravindham of Sri GuruvAyUrappan

manjIram manjunAdhairiva padha bhajanam srEya ithyAlapantham
paadhAgram bhrAnthimajjath praNathajanamanO mandharOdhvAra Koormam I
utthunghAthAmra raajan naGharahimakara jyOthsnyA chAsrithAnAm
santhApadhvAnthahanthrIm tathimanukalayE mangaLAmangulInAm II

(Meaning): hEy GuruvAyUrappa! AdiyEn worships the sacred feet 
of Yours marked by the radiant and auspicious nails reminding 
one of the cool rays of the Moon that alleviate the santhApams
(afflictions)of samsAris, who have sought refuge in You .AdiyEn 
salutes the arch of Your feet ,which serve as the back of 
the Madhra mountain to lift Your bhakthAs out of the ocean of 
desires that tries to pull them away from you . 

(10)Payer to Sri GuruvAyUrappan to banish his Taapams 

Oh Lord of GuruvAyUr! Oh KrishNA ! Your sacred feet are
the most cherished among all Your limbs  for the Yogis ;
they are the place of residence for the MukthAs ;they are 
like the tender shoots of KalpakA tree for BhakthAs . May
Those Paadha Kamalm of Yours rest always in my heart and 
through Your incomparable mercy permit me to delight in 
the flood of their BrahmAnandha PravAham. 

(11)AparAdha KshAmaNam request and granting of His anugraham

Oh GuruvAyUrappa! Oh Lord of the Universe! Please forgive me
for any statements in my sthOthram (Sri NaarAyaNIam ) about You
that might have arisen about my ignorance about Your Mahimai.
You must bear with them . May this sthOthram containing more
than 1,000 Slokams about You grant for the readers and 
the listeners alike sakala soubhAgyams.These slOkams
of mine about Your AvathArams that are deeply rooted in 
the Vedhams have been named Sri NaarAyaNIyam ( This sthOthram
is about You , Sriman NaarAyaNan and has been composed by
me with the name of NaarAyaNan ). May all the bhakthAs of Yours,
who read or hear this sthuthi on You enjoy long life , 
good health and sukham arising from their meditation
about You .


Sri GuruvAyurappan is said to have been moved by the appeal
for forgivance by His Bhakthan regarding any apachArams 
during the composition of Sri NaarAyaNIyam. Sri GuruvAyUrappan 
is said to have lifted up His Bhakthan , who was lying at
His feet and embraced him and told him that He will grant
the boons requested by him(Bhattadhiri) .It is well known that 
the BhakthAs of Sri GuruvAyUrappan enjoy His blessings
in all aspects of their lives in this Kali Yugam . 
The NaarAyaNa GhOsham rings in the air at GuruvAyUr 
from the early morning hours and resonates wherever His 
BhakthAs are . May He draw us closer and closer to Him 
during our earthly sojourn !

Sri KrishNArpaNam asthu .
Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri Sadgopan