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nAcciyAr tirumozhi IX - Sindurac cempoDi 8

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 04:43:07 PDT

SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam
             nAcciyAr tirumozhi IX - Sindurac cempoDi  
      pASuram 9.8 (ninth tirumozhi - pAsuram 8 kAlai ezhundirundu)
           kuruvikkaNa`ngaL mAlin varavu Solluginrana

kAlai ezhundirundu kariya kurivik kaNa`ngaL
 mAlin varavu Solli maruL pADUdal meimmai kolO?
Solai malaip perumAn tuvarApati em perumAn
 Alin ilaip perumAn avan vArttai uraikkinRadE

A. Meaning from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

After inviting kaNNan to have her akkAravaDiSal, godai 
is waiting for His arrival; night passes and the sun 
rises.  In early dawn, the dark sparrows wake up and make 
noises, which, to ANDAL sound like they are singing and 
announcing the arrival of jagannAthan, the perumAn of 
tirumAlirumSOlai,  the nAthan of dvAraka, the Innocent 
Baby lying on the Alilai.  Godai is wondering aloud 
if the sparrows' words will come true.

B. Additional thoughts (from SrI PVP ):

KAlai ezhundirundu: A question arises as to how these 
sparrows which are by no means intellectually highly 
evolved, can get up early in the morning and talk about 
the coming of emperumAn?  nanjIyar narrates that SiRiya 
AccAn (the disciple of va`ngipurattu nambi) has given 
an explanation for this: "These birds were born in the 
place where godai was born.  What else can birds born 
in her place do?  Would they even have time to sleep? 
So, it is possible for them to get up early in the 
morning and talk about emperumAn's arrival". In 
tiruvAimozhi 6-7-2 we have: "Urum nADum ulagamum 
tannaip pOl avanuDaiya pErum tArgaLumE pidaRRa".  
Even brainless creatures born in ANDAL's land would 
keep talking about emperumAn.vangipurattu nambi's nityagrantham says
that a 
vaishaNava should wake up early in the morning and 
think thoughts that are for good him, and chant the name of hari 3

brAhme muhUrte ca uttAya cintayet Atmano hitam
harir-harir-hariti vyAharet vaishNavah pumAn  ||

This is the SAstram meant for the brainy vaishNavas, 
but in godai's domain this seems to be the anushThAnam 
prescribed for the less intellectually evolved birds as well. 
mAlin varavu Solli maruL pADUdal meimmai kolO?: godai is 
going through the same stage that sItA pirATTi went 
through (rAmAyaNam - sundarakANDam 34-23). When hanumAn 
appears before her with the message from her dear rAma, 
she keeps doubting whether it is all true, or whether 
she is just imagining things because of her state of  
mind.  godai is similarly wondering aloud if it is all her imagination.

SrI PBA observes that there are two interpretations 
for "meimmai kolO".  The first is the one explained in 
the previous paragraph viz. Is it really true that 
the sparrows are singing the arrival of emperumAn or am I imagining
The second interpretation is that the sparrows have 
been singing His arrival everyday for several days now, 
and He has not come.  So their words have not been 
true so far; is it possible that today their words will come true?

ANDAL refers to emperumAn by three of His many names 
in this pASuram - Solai malaip perumAn, tuvarApati 
emperumAn, and Alin ilaip perumAn.  The first 
refers to His determination to protect His devotees 
by being easily accessible to them through His arcA 
rUpam.  The second can be taken as a reference to His 
sauSIlyam - that He was mixing with the 10,000 gopikA's 
at their level.  The third refers to His aghaTita 
ghaTanA sAmarthyam - His ability to achieve the 
impossible.  He swallowed the three worlds, kept 
them in His small stomach, and then went to sleep on a small leaf. 

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.
kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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