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Re: Shlokas for various forms of Srimannarayana

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 19:26:04 PDT

Dear Sri Mudumbi:

Hearty congratulations to yourself 
and your friends at Boise ,Idaho 
on the opening of the RaadhA-KrishNa temple .

It is commendable that you wish to
celebrate the different forms of 
Sriman NaarAyaNa there .

The focus on the six forms that you
have chosen sounds interesting .

Some of the Sanskrit slOkAs pertinent 
to them will be tough to pronounce and will
not permit the fellow bhakthAs 
to recite together .Hence , you may consider 
Sri VishNU sahasra Naama recitation
to cover all forms of Sriman NaarAyaNA .

Let me comment on each of the six forms of 
the Lord that you have chosen  and
suggest some slOkAs as an alternative:


For instance , if you wish to celebrate 
the ThrivikramA form of the Lord , 
then you will have to choose from
the DasAvathAra SthOthram of Swami Desikan
or the DehaLIsa Sthuthi by him .

I have written about the DehaLIsa sthuthi 
in Bhakthi list and they are archived 
in September-November 1997 time frame .

Those will be tough slOkAs to recite .

There is a song on ThrivikramA 
in Simple sanskrit with meaning that I posted 
on August 23 , 1997 . You can use it also .
Some one , who is musically proficient
can sing it also .

2. Hari 
On Hari, You can use the two slOkams
of Sri VishNu Bhujangam :

krupAlO HarE! Kesava sEsha hEthO!
   JagannAtha! NaarAyaNAnandha VishNO! 
namas thubhyam ithyAlaapayantham mudhA maam
   Kuru SrIpathE tvath PaadhAmbhOja Bhaktham 

(meaning ): O Merciful God ! sustainer , KesavA , the prime 
cause , Lord of the World, NaarAyaNA ! happiness absolute! fast 
strider! I salute You , and as one who praise You thus,
it makes me happy . Oh Lord of Lakshmi ! I am Your 
humble servant . 

MukhE MandhahAsam nakhE chandhra bhAsam
  KarE chAru chakram SurEsAdhi Vandhyam
BhujangE sayAnam bhajE padhmanAbham 
  HarEranya dhaivam na manyE na manyE 

(meaning): The One with the smiling face ,
nails shining like the Moon , hand adorned
with the radiant disc, worshipped by the Lord 
of DevAs , recliner on the serpent bed ,and lotus-naveled 
Lord , Sree hari , I worship You alone . 
I do  not consider any other God at all .

3. PurushOtthamA
Sri Bhagavdh GitA : PurushOtthama Yogam(Chapter 17.18)

yasmAth ksharamathIthOham aksharAdhapi chOtthama:
athOsmi lOkE VedhE cha Prathitha: PURUSHOTTHAMA:

(Meaning ): As I transcend the Perishable and am
above even the imperishable , therefore am I in the World 
(SMRUTHI) And in the VedhAs celebrated as the PurushOtthaman
( the Highest PurushA ).

The perishable here is the tree of samsArA called
the AsvatthA tree.The imperishable is the seed of 
the tree of samsArA .

Sri Bhagavad GitA : Chapter 15.17( pursushOtthama Yogam )

Utthama: Purushasthvanya: ParamAthmEthydhAhrudha:
yaam Lokathrayam aavisya Bhibarthyavaya Isvara:

(meaning): There is the PurushOtthaman (Supreme
PurushA ) other than the perishable and the imperishable .
He is named by the VedhAs as the paramAthmA.It is He ,
who as the immutable One and the Lord of all , enters 
the threfold world (Earth , midregion and the Heaven /sky)
and sustains it. 

If anyone can recite Purusha Sooktham  and 
NaarAyaNa sooktham , that will be the right kind of 
salutation to PurushOtthaman , NaaraayaNan and Hari. 

4. 5 and 6: Maadhavan, NaarAyaNan and DhAmOdharan 

NaarAyaNAya SuddhAya VisvEsAYa svarAsaya
AchyuthAnantha Govindha PadmanAbhAya SouhrudhE

HrushikEsAya KoormAya MadhavAchyuthA cha 
DhAmOdharAya DevAya AnanthAya MahAthmanE 
vajRayutha Nakha sparsa Dhivya Simha NamOsthuthE 

These slOka passages are from Srimath ApAmArjana sthOthram
and cover the names of MaadhavA , NaarAyaNaa , DamOdharA
and many other forms of the VishNu .The meanings
are easy to comprehend .

In summary , the first section of Githa Govindham
of Jaya DevA dealing with DasaavathAram of
Sriman NaarAyaNA or the Sri DasAvathAra slOkams
of Swami Desikan will provide excellent tribute 
that would be fit for this auspicious occasion .
You might ask the Archakar to recite and repeat 
the passages after him .

Best Wishes ,


At 02:48 PM 8/18/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Dear Bhagavatottamas,
>This weekend we are opening Radha Krishna Temple in Boise, Idaho. For this
>occassion, I need one or two slokas (with English translations) for the
>following forms of Srimannarayana.  We will greatly appreciate it, if our
>Bhakti group members email me the slokas.  ( and
>1. Sri Madhava
>2. Sri Trivikrama
>3. Sri Damodara
>4. Sri Purushottama
>5. Sri Narayana
>6. Sri Hari
>Ramanuja Dasan