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Net meeting with Sri Tridandi Jeear

From: Mohan R Sagar (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 18:49:25 PDT

I am happy to share that despite some minor
technical problems, the inaugural net meeting with
HH Sri Tridandi SrimanNarayana Ramanuja Jeear
Swamy was very successful and spiritually
inspiring.  The meeting took place on Sunday,
August 15 and gathered together a small but
sincere group of bhAgavathas from throughout the
US and India.

Building on the occasion of India's Independence
Day, HH emphasized that our true independence is
really yet to come, for it involves becoming free
from our bondage to this samsAram.  And it is with
this intent that the Lord came in the avAtharan of
NaraNarayanan, whose thirunakshatram also fell on
August 15.

HH described the story of how Perumal took the
form of the two sons of Dharma Prajapati, and how
at a tender age ascended to the Himalayas to began
a penance for the sake of the redemption of all of
the bound souls.  This event occured at the age of
the first Manu, approximately 1.8 billion years
ago.  Sri NaraNarayanan's tapas at BadrikAshramam
continues to this day as He has taken the vow to
remain on this earth until every bound soul is

Sri Jeear Swamy also touched upon how the Lord in
this avAtharan became the first AchAryan of our
paramparai by imparting mantrOpadEsham of the
Thirumantram to Nara.  

In an interesting twist to the story, Sri HH
described how the dEvathas felt jealous at the
soulabhyam and kArunyam of Sriman NaraNarayanan
towards mortals, and began creating havoc for
human beings visiting His abode.  At this point,
Perumal commanded that the use of the temple would
be equally divided, with 6 months of time being
allotted for service from human beings, and six
months of the year being solely reserved for
worship from the dEvathas.  

During the summer months, when human beings are
capable of visiting the temple, a brahmacharyan
from an orthodox vaidika family is assigned to
serve Perumal as His chief archaka.  In the winter
months, when the temple is reserved only for the
dEvas, Narada serves as the archaka.

Out of their sole desire to serve their Lord,
Kuberan and Garudan became the dwArpAlakas at this
temple, making it unique among divya dEshams. 
And, fulfilling her role as the purushAkAran,
ThayAr appears as the beautiful forest that
surrounds the temple, known as Badarika Vanam,
protecting both Her Consort and His devotees from
the snow and harsh high altitude sun (things that
we Rocky Mountain-ites are all too aware of).

Sri HH concluded his discourse by imparting a
thaniyan, composed by the fifth Manu during his
sEvai of Sri NaraNarayanan.  As the thaniyan was
composed by a Manu, it is regarded to be a
mantram, meditation upon which will remind one of
the vaibhavam of Sri NaraNarayanan, and inspire
one to take on the path of prapatti to Him.

Sri Jeear Swamy's next net meeting upanyAsam will
take place on Sunday, August 22 at 8:30 PM IST
(11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM Central).  He will be
discussing the vaibhavam of Sri LakshmiHayagrivan
to mark the occasion of AvaNi Avittam, which falls
on August 26.  For details on how to join this
discussion, please contact Sri Raghuram Mudumba
<> or Sri Ravi Yekkirala

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,