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Vaishnavite Studies

From: Balaji (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 11:34:21 PDT

i would like to say something on the gopurams &
chanting of prabhandams.
   everyone should forgive me if im saying anything
that is not expected of a youth as im trying to pour
out my mind of my ignorance in Vaishnavism and my
attempts to know something at this late age.
   i also share your views on these but i feel that
the parents/elders beholding vaishnavism had not
properly guided/advised the younger generation in
taking up studies on the vedas, culture,traditions
  its high time that youngsters are initiated into it
and atleast made to study about vaishnavism in some
institution and atleast have some basic understanding.
  once again, please pardon me if have meant anything
with regards

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