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Re: The Nine NarasimhAs - Thirumanajanam on Swathi days

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 15:25:51 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan :

The following posting from Sriman P.Dileepan
would be of interst to you in connection
with today's Svathi Celebrations for Garudan
as well as for Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan at Ahobilam .

Please plan your trip to Ahobilam to coincide with
a SvAthi nakshthram day .You would have a great 
anubhavam of Lord's Thirumanjanam at the nine sannidhis .
Best wishes,

>From: "Parthasarati Dileepan" <>
>Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 23:49:26 -0400
>Subject: [malolan_net] Re: The Nine NarasimhAs - Thirumanajanam on Swathi days
>Sri Lakshmi nrisimha parabrahmaNE nama:
>Sri Lakshmi nrisimha divya paduka sevaka
>   srivan satakopa sri narayana yatindra mahadesikaya nama:
>This is to supplement what Sri V. Sadagopan has 
>written about the nine Nrisimhas of Ahobiloam.
>The tenth Nrisimha of Ahobilam, Srimad Azhagiya 
>Singar has recently initiated thirumanjanam for 
>all the 9 moolavars, plus Prhladha Varadhan at 
>Keezhaholiam on every Swathi.  Those who have 
>visited Ahobilam know that the shrines are located 
>all over the hills with Bhargava and Pavana on 
>opposite sides of the hills.  In fact, it would 
>take almost the whole day to go up just to Pavana 
>shrine, finish thirumanjanam, aradhanai, etc., 
>and return back.
>So, one group of aradhakas take care for of each
>of (1) pavana, (2) bhargava, (3) jwala,
>(4) Lakshminrisihma, kroda, and Malola, (4) krancha,
>kshathravada, and yoganandha, and (5) prhladha
>varadan at keezh ahobilam.
>At least about 5 aradhakas and about 10 helpers 
>are needed for this.  Since Ahobilam is a small 
>village devotees from Chennai go to Ahobilam from 
>Chennai every month on the day of Swathi for 
>completing this kainkaryam.
>Sri Venkatesan of Thiruvanmiyoor is one of the 
>organizers for this kainkaryam.  He asked me to
>invite anyone who happens to be in Chennai
>around Swathi and wishes to witness this
>unique kainkaryam to get in touch with him.  
>Please let me know if you are interested.
>srimad azhagiya singar thiruvadigaLE saraNam
>-- adiyEn ramanuja dasan
>Srimate Sri Laksminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka
>Srivan Satakopa Sri Narayana Yatindra Mahadesikaya Nama