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Periya Thirumozhi 4.10- AzhwArE! Don't worry! I am here at ThiruveLLiyangudi..!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 03:09:55 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumangaimannan longed and lamented that the Lord did not show
Himself to him. The Lord says “For everyone’s enjoyment and mixing with Me, 
I appeared and took avtaars as Rama and Krishna. That’s the reason I also 
show Myself at ThiruveLLiyangudi Divya Desam too. AzhwAr
gets execited and comes out with this ten pAsurams on ThiruveLLiyangudi 
PerumAL’s KalyANa GuNAs.

1. The Lord, who reclined on the little Banyan leaf during PraLayam,
the one who ate butter, getting complaints from cowherd women folks;
the one who finished off Puthanai sucking her life, as an infant, the one 
who crawled in between the two marudha trees; the one who measured the 
Universe, in two steps, as Vaamanan begging from Bhali; Such Greatest Lord 
stays permanently at this greatest lovely ThiruveLLiyangudi, Which is full 
of beautiful betel nut trees, Coconut trees and banana trees And is situated 
on the southern banks of maNNi river.

2. The Lord who had reared cattle; who had bridged the wavy, noisy, deep 
ocean who had plucked the heads of asurAs; who has the dark hued, beautiful 
lovely, unparalled, Divine Form; - That greatest Lord, KaNNan stays at this 
beautiful Divya Desam of ThiruveLLiyangudi, which has got lots of Punnai 
trees, within which bees enter into the holes, come out, hum and sing 
merrily drinking honey from the Punnai flowers.

3. That day, He entered into the pond and churned the pond, where the most 
poisonous KaaLingan snake lived and conquered it, danced on it, by jumping 
on its heads, and letting the gems be scattered away from those heads; That 
greatest dancer lives here at ThiruveLLiyangudi, where charming ladies learn 
dancing, the sounds of whose steps reach the skies even.

4. When He appeared as KaNNan, He reared the cattle; He pounced on
Kamsan; His form is dark, beautiful Divine; He is the One who reclines
On ThiruppARkadal; He is the One has GarudA in His flag; This greatest
Lord is here at ThiruveLLiyangudi, in ths southern banks of maNNi river, 
where tall buildings, the flags tied on top of which, hit the Soorya 

5. He is the One had brought back the Earth during deep troubled waters 
during Varaaha avtaar; He is the one who had lined up the Pandava army, in 
the KurukshEthra battle; He drove the chariot and chased Bhishma et al; and 
He, is the One who, out of His GREAT VAATHASLYAM for us, is here at 
ThiruveLLiyangudi, where fishes get scared of the ploughs entering the 
fields saying “this is not the place for us to live in” and run away. Such 
fertile place is
this sthalam.

6. Lord Raman, aimed the sharp arrows at asurAs and destroyed them 
effortlessly, like tender flowers in the midst of the huge tornado; This 
PermumAn, has the beautiful bow in His hand, in ThiruveLLiyangudi, where the 
banana fruits falls down in a nearby pond waters, on which the fishes jump 
and eat happily.

7. In a Yaagha, Bhali gave away everything to Vaamanan, when He entered into 
the Yaaga saalai, where Bhali had prepared himself to grant everything that 
Brahmins ask for; Lord Vaamana asked for three measures of earth and grew 
and measured the whole Universe in two steps, as Trivikraman; This
Greatest Lord is here at ThiruvaeLLiyangudi, where cuckoos living in the 
most beautiful gardens, coo “HarI…I… HarI…I…; where soft spoken, pristinely 
pure saadhus pay their obeisance to this Lord; and He, immediately rushes to 
them to bless them;

8. HiraNyan terrorised the Devas, and gave them lots of trouble; Prahalada 
was tortured by HiraNyan (his father) to a large extent for having uttered 
Narayana; He, the Most merciful Lord Narasingan, laid this king of asurAs, 
HiraNyan on His lap and tore open the strong chest of his, and killed him; 
This Most wonderful Lord stays at ThiruveLLiyangudi, where the gems and 
Rathnams impregnated
into the pillars of the buildings give them a strange doubt as to whether it 
is night or day.

9. SarvEshawaran, who reclines on the AdhisEshan at ThiruppARkadal; who is 
praised by Brahma and other Devas along with their families in groups,- 
blesses them; who has ChakrA in His resplendent hand stays at 
ThiruveLLiyangudi Divya Desam; where the lotus flowers and the sugar cane 
plants dance together to the tune of gentle breeze, and where swans move 
around with their mates merrily in the beautiful ponds.

10. This ten is on the Lord of ThiruveLLiyangudi Divya Desam, who
had brought back the Mother Earth on His horn during His H..U..G..E
Varaaha avtaar; who reclines and has His Yoga NithrA at ThiruppARkadal, with 
the pure gentle waves massaging His toes; This ten is composed by Kaliyan, 
the king of Thirumangai, the one who has sharp spear in his hand. Those who 
are blessed to recite these ten, will become the rulers of this whole world, 
surrounded the noisy oceans.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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