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Thiru AadippUram : Parama MangaLa Dinam : PART 1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 20:25:14 PDT

Friday , August 13,1999

Dear BhakthAs :

Today is Pramathi Aadi 28th day ; Sukla Paksha
DhvithIyai , Poora nakshthram, Siddha Yogam preside .
We will start with our salutation to our 
dear Mother presiding over Her RaajadhAni 
at SheNbhagAraNya KshEthram (Sri Villiputthur):

Srimathyai VishNuchitthArya 
  ManOnandhana hEthavE
Nandha nandhana Sundaryai

Our ThAyAr would be uncomfortable unles we 
offer our slautations to Her Lord , "Vada Perum-
Koil UdayAn " for whom She adorned the Flower
galands and then sent them to Him .Let us hence offer
our slautations to Him on this day ,who is
the reason behind Her name , "Soodik Koduttha NaacchiyAr":

Sri BhattanAtha SUrIndhra 
  MaanasAmbhOja vaasinE
Srimath VaDa MahAdhAma 

Prior to procceding with the other parts of
the posting , let us salute Sri Andal"s dear
father , who brought her up with great love
and gave her hand in marriage to Sri RangamannAr :

Sri Dhanvi NagarAdhIsa
  MangaLAsAsinO anisam
NirNItha Para tattvAya 

Approximately 700 years ago , Swami Desikan 
arrived at Sri VilliputthUr  on a pradhOsham day and 
performed His MangaLAsAsanam for Sri Godhai through his
GodhA sthuthi. We will salute later Sri Godhai 
in the words of Swami Desikan himself (Part 2). 
Prior to that, adiyEn will attempt to summarize 
some source information of value for Andal BhakthALs. 

Please remember that according to our AchAryAs,
Andal is PrAdhanyam (most important)
in Archai ,Sri Devi is PrAdhAnyam 
in Parama Padham , BhU Devi is PrAdhAnyam in
VarAhAvathAram and Nappinnai is PrAdhAnyam in
KrishNAvathAram .We will be focusing on AndaL ,
whose other names are Bhumi Devi, Vasumathi,
KshamA , Sarvam SahA to list a few . 

Sriman Venkat Iyengar of Kharagpur and Sriman MadhavakkaNNan
of Singapore have already offered their moving slautations to 
our ThAyAr on Her Thirunakshathram . Here are some things 
we can do on this auspicious day :

(1)On this day , we should recite Swami Desikan's
GodhA Sthuthi once .

(2)We should  look at the most beautiful 
pictures of Andal, Sri RangamannAr ,Vatapathra Saayee , 
Sri Villiputthur Divya desam at the Srivilliputthur 
Home pages assembled with such love and adoration
by a native of Srivilliputthur ,(viz)., Setaloor 
SendalangAra Daasan Venkat S.Iyengar . The URL for
your browsing pleasure is:

This is an amazing compendium on the Divya Desam
of Sri Villiputthur and its Vaibhavam .The Chennai 
GodhA priyA committe has been offering many AabharaNa
Kaimkaryams to Godhai and Sri RangamannAr over
the years and you will have the darsanam of
some of the AabharaNams there on our Thiru ThAyAr. 

(3)The third source Information of is the Sri Vaishnava 
home pages maintained with great care by Sriman Mani-
VaradarAjan ::
Here, please look under the "What is New " section
under the subtitle AzhwArs and pick the hyperlink
on Andal.A wonderful summary of Her life and Her Sri Sookthis
are covered along with lovely images of Her Archai in 
the company of Her Lord .

(4)The fourth source of information on Andal is that 
assembled for the 1996 Marghazhi ThiruppAvai celebrations 
by adiyEn under the title of " Contributed articles
on Andal (
The greatness of Andal , the Vedic doctrines and 
their links to Her Sri Sookthis are covered there .

(5)The fifth source of information for Andal BhakthAs
is the ongoing series of wonderful writings on
NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi by Srimathi KalyANi Krishnamachari
of Illinois. Sri Mani Varadarajan has created a special
section in the Sri Vaishnava pages . The most recent postings 
are in the Bhakthi archives. Srimathi Krishnamachari is
at the 9th Patthu dealing with Sri Sundararaajan of
ThirumAlirumchOlai. Please read particularly the AndaL's
VaaraNamAyiram Paasuram section , where She describes with great 
joy to Her friends the dream in which she married Her Lord.

(6)The Sixth source of information on AndAL ( Incarnation of
Bhumi Devi ) is the home page for Sri Oppiliappan put
together by Sriman ShrEyas Saarangan with the capable 
assistance of Sri S.Rengarajan :
Here the AndaL of Oppiliappan Koil and Sri TannoppArillappan
offer us their darsanams with divyAbharaNams like RathnAngi,
Mutthangi, MaaNickka KoNdai et al.

SrimathE GodhAyai NamO Nama:
Daasan , Oppilaippan Sannadhi V.Sadagopan