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From: Venkat Iyengar S. (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 13:24:32 PDT

                     SrImatyai Godayai Nama:

Tommorrow is thiruvadipooram-the thirunakshatram of Sri Andal.The varaha
puranam descibes the appearence of Sri Andal as follows.

     " Bhumidharana sabdena Vismitena samudhvayam

      Tulasimulada bhumya bhraturbhuyaat vasundhara

      Panchavarsha divyaroopa divyabharana bhushita

      Navodbaladalasyama divyambaradarshita

      Athiskheeryayukta sarvalakshana samyukta

      Vishnuchittam munim drushtva sa pranamam karushyati"

Surprised at the sound of the earth giving away somewhere near 
him,periyazhwar turned to look towards the tulasi plant where the earth 
had given away and this is what he saw

"A five year old divine baby with all divine abharanams,black in color 
clothed in a divine attire ,strong and shining with a magnificient lusture"

On seeing Vishnuchitta muni(periyazhwar) the child fell at the feet
of periyazhwar

This auspicious event occured during

 Nal Varudam
 Aadi Masam
 Ettam dhethi
 sukla paksham
 panchami thithi
 Pooram star
 Thula lagnam


Swami Manavala Mamunigal talks about the greatness of thiruvaadipooram in
2 of the 3 verses on Andal in the upadesa rathnamalai.

   After the poompallaku is over today(12-8 -99)  Andal and Mannar
will mount the ther tommorrow morning (13-8-99) between 4 and 6 am.The 
ther purappadu will start around 8 am.I had missed out mentioning
the events after the completion of the ther purappadu in Last year's
post.I shall briefly sum up the events that take place after the ther
purappadu till the divya dampathis reach their aasthanam

 After the ther purappadu is over Andal and Mannar come to the Neeravi
Mandapam where sattumurai is held.Then the procession moves to the
Singammal karuti(which is opposite to the Ahobila madam) .Here alankaram
and thirumanjanam take place which is sponsored by members of TVS group

   After the TVS Thirumanjanam(that is how it is known) Andal and Mannar
come to the Thiruthuzaay mandapam(Thirupura Nandavanam)
Here thirumanjanam takes place along with thiruvaaymozhi sattumurai.A
special feature of this thirumanjanam is that during the final stages,the
bhattars are given Akshadai and the Akshadai collected from them
is used for the thirumanjanam.This is a very important and significant
Katchi.After the thirumanjanam the akshadai is given to all devotees
alongwith other prasadams.

  Next day Muthukuri takes place at the Sapthavara mandapam and theerthavari
follows the day after muthukuri at the theerthavari mandapam.
Finally the bhattars and their families take Mangala Arathi of
the dampathis and then Andal and Mannar proceed towards their aasthanam

Sri Andal SamEtha Sri Rangamannar thiruvadigale Saranam

Setaloor Sendalangaradasan
Venkat S Iyengar