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Re: painted gopurams
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 09:00:24 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas

Sri Mani has raised an important issue regarding painting of temple gopurams. 
I entirely agree with his views. 

The people who decide on the paintings do not seem to consult specialists but 
go on with whatever color schemes they think would be right.

I know of one specialist, Sri G. Ramachandran, Senior, Archeological Chemist, 
who recently retired from the Archeological Survey of India. He was telling 
that the ASI had developed a chemical treatment which restores the pristine 
glory of the original Colors and protects the same from the vandalism of 
painting with garish colors indulged in by votaries of 'modern art' . 

I understand that several other countries all over the world are interested 
in this new technique and approach him, while our local bosses in charge of 
temple renovations do not even seem to know of this.

This specialist was in charge of Puri Jagannath Temple and other religious 
monuments besides Ellora etc. because of his expertise in preservation 

His address is:
 7 / 11 Kalakshetra Road, Thieuvanmiyur, Chennai 600 041. 
His Phone # is 491 5902. 

Anyone interested may contact him and get his advice. He will be freely 
available to help at anytime. You may mention my name, if you like.
Anbil Ramaswamy