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Periya Thirumozhi 4.9- IndhaLoorirE! VaazhndhE pOm neerE!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 03:06:46 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Sriman Narayanan out of His own mercy on His devotees, appears in
Thiru indhaLoor Divya Desam in ArchAvataar. ThirumangaiAzhwAr
went to see His Divine Beauty there and enjoy. BUT….When he went
there, He did not see AzhwAr; didn’t hug him and welcome him. Didn’t
let him explain the purpose of his coming there. Here is AzhwAr’s
LOVELY TEN… (I was told by my father that when AzhwAr went
here at this sthalam, it was already closed. AzhwAr could not bear the
closure of gate due to his love and bhakti for the Lord. He gets angry and 
he bursts out with this excellent ten.. )

1. “nummai thozhudhOm numtham paNi seydhirukkum num adiyOm/
immaikku inbham peRROm endhaay! IndhaLoorirE!/
emmaik kadidhaak karumam aruLi aavaa enRu iRangi/
nammai orukkaal kaatti nadanthaal naangaL uyyOmE?.

What a lovely pAsuram! Oh my mother like Lord, the One
who is at Thiru indhaLoor! I held on to You, as the only means.
Now, adiyEn has become Your dAsan. At least once, if You
take pity on me “aiyO!” this guy is my dAsan” and grants me
to perform kaimkaryam to You, quickly, will we (who do not
aspire for any others) not be saved? (we will of course be saved.)

2. “enthaay! IndhaLoorirE! AdiyERkku Iraiyum iRangaayE!”
Oh My wealth, who always stays in my heart! Youthful
Beautiful manly Lord, who is the object of immense enjoyment!
The Lord, who is at Thiruvaali! Oh Young elephant! The ever shining
Brightest jyOthi! The ThirunaRaiyoor NambhI! My SwamI! IndhLoor
PermaanE! All that You need to do is to please grant
adiyEn perform kaimkaryam to You as Your dAsan.

3. “ayalaarum yEsuginRadhi idhuvE kaaNum IndhaLoorirE!”
Oh IndhaLoor SwamI! I have the desire to davrIr,(the One who has
measured the Universe in just two steps and the One who has
bee humming (flower bedecked) Crown) on this earth (here at this
sthalam). We have lost ourselves and are mad with that intense
deep ocean of great desire only. Others (neighbours) talk about us
too for this madness. We also now talk about our desire. Be aware!

4. (A GREAT PAASURAM! Angry AzhwAr blasts PerumAL!)
“Vaasivalleer! IndhaLoorirE! VaazhndhE pOm neerE!”
adiyEn has been blessed to keep praising You, with intense
love and desire for You. And this praise of mine has beocme
(I think) has become my disqualification. Because, You, the
One whose lustre and jyOthi is even brighter than the molten gold,
are NOT showing Your Divine Most Beautiful brightest Form,
to us, who, are wandering as Your dAsars (the whole world is aware of that) 
Oh Lord who stays permanently at IndhaLoor Divya Desam! The One
who knows everything! VaazhdhE pOm neerE! Live here happily
(and alone!- as You don’t want us; You are not showing Yourselves to us)

5. “adyOmukkE Emperumaan alleerO neeR IndhaLoorirE!
Swami! DeavarI is the antharyaami of Fire and executes and directs
him as the Nirvaahakan; You are the antharyaami of water; You are the
one for the directions and the vast universe; oh Lord of IndhLoor
Divya Desam! The One, who is like our Mother, Father, Swami,
Kula naThan, et al,! You, being the Director /Antharyaami of all of them, 
Are You not our SwamI to enslave us and enable us perform
eternal service to You, as Your dAsars (who have no other redemption
Or refuge)?

6. (sweet pAsuram!) solladhu ozhiyagillEn aRindha sollil* nummadiyaar/
ellarOdum okaa yeNNiyiRindhher * adiyEnai/
nallar aRiveer! Theeyaar aRiveer! Namakku ivvulagatthu/
ellam aRiveer IdhE aRiyeer IndhaLoorirE!

(What a beauty! Please read the Tamil version for its
enjoyment! It brings tears in our eyes) Oh SwamI! The One
who is at Thiru indhaLoor! I can not any more resist my telling
this to You. If I need to tell (all that I know of), (it appears)
You think I am just like everyone else. (illai SwamI; I am here
Crying and weeping heavily for want of seeing You, while everyone
Else is busy with their running amuck after material pursuits..)
You, very well know who are all Your dAsras, and who can not live even
Feel the separation from You; You know those who also CAN LIVE
BEING SEPARATED from You as well (and live happily too
Seeing TV and CDs); Knowing all this, still,, You (the Sarvagnan),
MELTS suffering from this separation from You.

7. Oh IndhaLoor Swami! You do not desire for our kaimkrayams!
You have made us realise and enjoy the kaimkarya rasam and
stopped with that. (You dropped us)  That’s why, out of suffering from that 
separation from You, we talked a bot different.. (like VaazhndhE pOm neerE!) 
You are not showing Your Lotus Feet to us; If You show Your Feet, will we 
not, right away, here itself (who are Your eternal servants) be blessed to 
be saved?

8. munnai vaNNam paalin vaNNam muzhudhum nilai ninRa*/
pinnai vaNNam koNdal vaNNam vaNNam eNNUngaal/
ponnin vaNNam maNiyin vaNNam puraiyum ThirumEni/
innavaNNam enRu kaatteer IndhaLoorirE!

(Again! Great pAsuram! Adadaa!) Oh Swami of IndhaLoor!
Thinking of Your Divine Beautiful ThirumEni (Body): During
Krutha yugam, it was the milky white colour; During thrEthA Yugam
It was the Golden colours; Dwapara Yiugam saw Your blue hued
Neela maNi colour; At all time is Your dark cloud like colour
(most merciful form and colour) Please show us Your colour
and form, Lord of IndhaLoor!

9. Oh IndhaLoor Swami! Our Kulam (ancestors) right from the past
Seven generations (or even more) have been praising You saying,
You alone are Our Swami! And have been living with the desire of performing 
Kaimkaryams to You.  You are still indifferent. You are standing in my heart 
for ages.. BUT still, You have not yet shown Your Form and colour to us.

10. This ten is about the Lord of ThiruindhaLoor, surrounded by
most beautiful gardens. This is composed by Kaliyan, the king of
Thirumangai. Those who read this ten, which is on the great kalyANa
GuNAs of Emperumaan, which is a garland of great words, and enjoy
to the greatest extent – whoever they are on this earth, will be blessed to 
be praised by Nithyasooris.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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