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Srimadh NaarAyaNIyam ; 99th dasakam-SlOkams 7&8

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 15:23:45 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :
In this posting , we will study the Vedha Sambhandham of 
the 7th and the 8th slOkams devoted to Sri KrishNan of 
GuruvAyUr .The Vedhic scholarship of Sri naarAyaNa Bhattadhiri
is clearly revelaed here , when we recognize how closely
the SlOkams adhere to the corresponding Vedha manthrams . 

SlOkam 7:

hEy lokA VishNur Ethadh bhuvanam janayath tanna jAnITha yUyam 
  yushmAkam hyAntharastham kimapi tadhaparam vidhyathE VishNu rUpam
nIhAra prakhya mAyA parivrutha  manasO mOhithA nAma rUpai:
  prANa preethyaika truptha: charatha makhaparA hantha nEcchA MukundhE

(meaning): Oh people of the World ! Lord VishNu created 
this world .You do not comprehend that fact. You do not even
seem to grasp that indescribable VishNu svarUpam that is 
distinctly different from the Jeevan resides in your heart
lotus a santharyAmi Brahmam. Oh poor people ! You engage 
in Kaamya karmAs since your minds are covered with the mist 
of VishNu mAyA ; you are dedicating yourself to relentless
pursuit of perishable pleasures driven by your delusions over 
the naamAs and rUpams that you encounter.All of You fail to
display Bhakthi to Mukhundhan , the rantor of Moksham 
( Moksha Daayakan ).

Sri Bhattadhiri maintains the admonishing tone of the Vedha
manthram talking to the bhaddha Jeevans of the world 
chasing material and impermanent pursuits hedonistically.

The Vedha manthram relating to these thoughts is from 
the tenth khANdam of Rg vedham:

na tamm vidhATha ya imA jajAnyadh yushmAkam antharam bhabhUvaI
neehArENa prAvruthA jalpyA chAsuthripa ukThasAs charanti II

--Rg Vedham : Canto -10.82.7 

(Meaning): Oh ChEthanAs ! You do not know Him , who creates 
all the beings of this Universe. He is distinctly different 
from you all and yet resides in you . Wrapped in ignorance 
and stammering nonsense , you recite the holy texts mechanically
and chase after the earthly desirs that are evanescent .Alas !
You do not care to know the ParamAthmA residing inside you .

The next few manthrams are appeals of the Jeevans to the Lord's 
divine anger/wrath (manyu:) to protect them instead of punishing
them and to give them the  strength to succeed in the (spiritual)
battles of Life through a clear understanding of the majesty
of the Visvakarman.

SlOkam 8:

mUrdhnAmakshaNam padhAnam vahasi kalu sahasrANi sampUrya visvam
   tath prOthkamyApi thishtan parimitha vivarE bhAsi chithAntharEpi
bhUtham bhavyam cha sarvam PARAPURUSHA bhavAn kimcha dEhEndriyAdhi-
  shvAvishtO hyudhgathavAdh amrytha sukha rasam chAnubhunkshE tvamEva

(Meaning ): Oh GuruvAyUrappA ! You display thousands of heads ,
eyes and legs in Your VisvarUpam . You pervade the entire Universe 
and stand beyond it also; and yet , You reside inside the tiny 
cavity of our hearts .Oh Parama PurushA ! Oh KrishNA !You are 
what were before and what are going to be ! Although You have
entered into dEhams , Indhriyams and become the BhOkthA , You
stand beyond that enjoyment and delight in the tasting of
Moksha rasam .

Sri Bhattadhiri based this slOkam eulogizig the antharyAmi Brahmam
and the cosmic Purushan of Purusha Sooktham as celebrated by
the KrishNa Yajur Vedham's TaittirIya Aaranyaka manthrams :

(1)Sahasra seershA; Purusha:, sahasrAksha: sahasra Paadh I
sa bhUmim visvathO vruthvAathyathishtath dasAmgulam II

Purusha yEvadhagum SARVAM yadh bhUtham Yaccha bhavyam ,
uthAmruthathvasyEsAna:---Purusha Sooktham: PoorvAnuvAkam

(meaning):Our Lord ,the Cosmic Purushan bears thousands of 
heads, eyes and legs . He pervades this earth and the waters 
that are ten times larger and beyond that He pervades Agni,
Vaayu , AakAsam ,ahankAram , mahAn and the mUla prakruthi ,
which is the root of them all ; He pervades tham all and yet
is far away from them .

This Parama Purushan is the informing principle behind 
all that exists in the  three time frames and is inside 
them as AathmA and niyanthA .He is the One , who grants
Moksham to the chEthanams , who grow well with 
the consumption of water and food.  

(2)nIvAra SookavatthtanvI peethAbhAsyAth tanUpamA
tasyA: sikhAyA madhyE PARAMAATHMAA vyavasthitha:I
--NaarAyaNAnuvAkham :manthrams 11& 12.

(meaning):In the middle of that JaDaRAgni reaching out
from head to foot in our bodies , there is a delicate flame 
which spreads upward. It is steady and motionless.
It has incomparably brilliant golden lustre.In the middle of 
that tongue of flame is the auspicious body of our Lord 
with the bluish hue of the rainy cloud.( The golden lustre
of the slender flame is that of MahA Lakshmi"s ThirumEni). 

Thus in the 8th slOkam , Sri Bhattadhiri salutes
the Parama Purushan celebrated in the Purusha 
Sooktham and NaarAyaNAnuvAkam present in us with 
His PirAtti and points out that They are the grantors
of Moksha sukham for us.

Sri GuruvAyUrappan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan