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nididhyasana ?

From: a c (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 13:38:05 PDT

Dear friends,

Is Namaste considered an appropriate greeting for Vaishnavas?  If so, then --


As I see it, God is continuously re-creating us all.  

Before we can consider surrendering to Him or stir a single thought we must
first of all exist but this existing in the first place is the gift of God
-- a gift which never leaves His hand!  As there is no place outside His
hand, our giving back to God is really our own realization that we have
never been separate (nor could be) from what is continuously creating us.   

I hope to learn more about the truth of our relationship with God by
studying Visistadvaita and practicing the contemplation of the truth as
continuously as I can.   This is why I asked about "nididhyasana" ( worship
in accordance with one 
of the vidyas?)  Even little clues might help quite a bit, so please feel
free to email me directly or on the list if you prefer...

thanks sincerely,