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Sri Amudhan SamprOkshanam and ChAthur mAsya sankalpam - Part 5

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Aug 08 1999 - 16:12:37 PDT

Srimadh Azahgiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri kOmaLa vaLLi thAyAr samEtha Sri ArA amuthan thiruvadikaLE

Sri Amudhan SamprOkshanam and ChAthur mAsya sankalpam - Part 5

   Both due to some popular appeal (many wrote to me asking me
to prvide more details on my trip) and as well due to personal
requests adiyEn is encouraged to write on this event some more.
In thiru kudanthai the mahAsamprokshanam day was declared as a
holiday  for many  schools,  many  shops  and  some government
establishments as well.  The  whole  city geared up to support
the influx of many visitors from neighboring places. More than
150,000  food  pockets were distributed  by many institutions.
Further approximately 300,000 icecold water pockets (thanks to
technology,  hygienic  water  is  supplied in plastic pockets)
were  supplied on  mahA samproKshanam  day. More than  several
thousands partook  in the thathiyArAdhanai at Sri Ahobila muth
all  the  6  days and  the same was conducted in two different
places due to volume. More  than  350  SrivaishnavALs from all
over the  country  took part in the  vEda pArAyanam and gOshti
on all 5 days. Scores of SmArthAs were also joined  for  vEdha
pArayanam.  Sri Ahobila  muth presented all of the gOshti with
each Rs 1500  sambAvanai,  Rs 300 for Rail charges, a patthARu
vEshti angavastharam from Nallis (good quality) costing Rs 500
were presentdd to each one of these 350 and odd (more than  Rs
8 Lacs ie 800,000). They were further provided with a  sAppAdu
yelai sambAvanai of Rs 10 and more every time they have thathi
yArAdhanam ie., more than Rs 100 for 1000's of bhakthLs every
day. SmArthAs were provided with  even  more,  as a  token of appreciation 
of their love for Sri Amuthan and Sri mAlolan.

yAga sAlai was decorated with several pictures of Sri  Amuthan
and AzhwArs. Several lights were decorated on all  through out
the temple and as well as the thiru gOpura nayinAr. The entire
gopuram was cleaned painted new at  the  cost  of  Rs 7.5 lacs
approx. By the way there  is  a nitya  suri in  Sri  vaikundam
by  the  name  Sri  gopura nayinAr.  Since this  gopuram is so
majestic and  stirs divine feelings  to  many  form  far  away
villages people named it as thiru gopura nayinar,  remembering
our nitya suri  who  is  in  constant  service  of  the  divya

	Sri Amuthan was adorned  with  a "thaila kAppu" in  an
emotional way after a long time with 1000s  particpating.  The
"ammi ural" was given by adiyEn's mother  6 days  prior to the
mahA samprOkshanam to the temple. It was  kept  in the  temple
prAhAram. "marunthu" was preapred by crushing all the  natural
ingradients in this "ural". On all days 100's of village women
stood in  lines around the prAhAram to  do this "ammi kutthal"
or crushing as a kainkaryam for Sri Amuthan.  As expected  Sri
Garudan  appeared   shortly   prior to  the mahA samprOkshanam
and  circled Sri Vaideeka vimAnam. It was a real touching scene.

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri kOmaLa vaLLi thAyAr samEtha Sri ArA amuthan thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan

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