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Seminar honoring Sri Periyavaachchaan Pillai

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Sat Aug 07 1999 - 10:48:15 PDT

Dear Members,

I came to know about the following event over a phone conversation with
my father in Madras:

Over the past two days (Aug 6 and 7) the Viashnava Studies department at
Madras University conducted a seminar honoring Sri Periyavaachchaan
Pillai. The two day seminar had an attendance of about 300-400 people,
with participation from eminent scholars like Sri. M. A. Venkata
Krishnan and Sri A. Krishnamachari, editors of Geethaachaariyan and Sri
Vaishnava Sri respectively.

Can some bhaktas from Chennai, who attended the seminar or knows some on
who might have attended, post more information about the proceedings,
along with information on how to get the hardcopy of the proceedings for
interested parties in the US.

Best regards,

Venkatesh K Elayavalli