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Sri Amudhan SamprOkshanam and ChAthur mAsya sankalpam - Part 1

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 16:10:36 PDT

Srimadh Azhgiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri kOmaLa vaLLi thAyAr samEtha Sri ArA amuthan thiruvadikaLE

Sri Amudhan SamprOkshanam and ChAthur mAsya sankalpam - Part 1

adiyEn poured my heart and  soul  for Sri Amudhan kainkaryam and
sought everyone's helpand so I am obliged to give a feed back on

Due to Sri Amudhan's thiru uLLam, adiyEn took off to  India  just
prior  to  samprOkshnam  in a  somwhat unplanned for trip. adiyEn
went to Sri Oppiliappan  and Sri boomA  dEvi thAyar straight from
chennai Airport.  After that adiyEn went to worship the holy feet
of my achAryAL Sri Azhagiya Singar at sArangapAni sannithi Street.
adiyEn  did  vingYabanam  to His Holiness to do ponnadi sARRaL to
adiyEn father's  gruham.  adiyEn  later  joined  the  yAga  sAlai
celbrations and ghOsti. It  was really touching and emotional for
1000's who had gathered Sri KomaLa valli  thAyAr  and Sri Amudhan
took out to  (processions)  puRappAdu  from  their shrine after 6
years  in the presence of Srimadh Azhagiya Singar. Many literally
cried and yelled at  this  kAtchi and it cannot be simply spelled
by a few words but only an anubavam of  this  can  explain  one'e
love for their  very favourite  deity. Some even said that thAyAr
was coming like a puLLi mAn and  "kuthicchi  kuthichhu  vanthAL".
The purAppAdu ofcourse  will  end  in  yAga  sAlai as  the  divya
dampathis  will  witness  the vEdha adhyAyanam and ghOshti in the
pooranAhuthis.  There  were  7 pooranAhuthis performed altogether.

It all started the day I landed with the "than punal soozh kAveri
neer" brought in a huge procession and on  elephant  tops to  the
yAga sAlai. There were two pooranAhuthis every day,  one  in  the
morning and one in  the  evening.  The  last  one was done on the
morning of the samprOkshanam  day.  adiyEn  participated  in  all
these pooranAthis except but the first. adiyEn was also given the
bAgyam to do sankalpam for the pooranAhuthis  for one full day on
day 2 on behalf of all bhakthAls  of  Sri komalA and Sri amuthan.
Only 2 other VVip's were given such privilege on day 1 and day 3.

	Our  achAryAL  was present  during all  poornAhuthis  and
presided over it. Though the evening  pooranAhuthis  will  end at
11:30 PM  or  so  our beloved Jeer was still present even at that
late hour. This being the Sri bAskara kshEthram   and   as   well Sri 
Sudarshana  AzhwAr's (Sri thirumazhisai  AzhwAr)  saranAgathi
ksEthram there is no need to explain about  the  intensity of the
heat emerging from the yAhAgni. Unmindful of that  scorching heat
wave our Jeer stayed  very  close  with  this pooranAhuthis every
time and blessed the occasion. Everytime a select few of us (VIPs*
of the town) will bring the samarpanam in  a  procession  to  the
agni gundams. Each time a new costly silk saree was also given to
yAhAgni in addition to other  ingradients.  Chathur  vedams  were
recited one after the other and then the gOshti  was  sung  in an
extremely  resonating  and  reverbrating way to this drAvi sruthi
darsanan Sri Amuthan. adiyEn  took  part in the gOshti every day.
Every  day one pathigam will be sung after this veda pArayanam to
mark the end of pooranAhuthis.

Srimadh Azhgiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri kOmaLa vaLLi thAyAr samEtha Sri ArA amuthan thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan
(*Each time I was given this status without my asking for that)

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