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Krishna and Abhimanyu

From: Venu Manohar (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 15:53:46 PDT

Namo Narayana.

I was recently pondering over the BG verse, 
   - brAhmanyan sarva Buteshu, yantrA rUDaNi mAyayA.
(pardon my transliteration, I am yet to get used to this scheme.), in
fact, He seems to do it in a way that
while he 'directs' the events in individual lives, He
is also achieving a different collective purpose.

Many of Krishna's 'actions' in the mahabaratha also seem to point to
this, but I was unable to understand his purpose in prematurely
terminating Abhimanyu's life. Why did he have to prevent Arjuna's
expositions beyond a certain point; is there a past history of
Abhimanyu that entitled him only to that much, if so does anyone know
the details of this story?

I have a question on a different topic as well.

To what limit is pitr vAkhya paripAlanam sanctioned by
dharma; there are verses to the effect that one may disregard one's
parents and guru if it is patently against dharma(I do not remember the
context of this injunction), while at the same time we see that
Parasurama pursued pitr vAkhya paripAlanam to the extent of beheading
his mother; sriramachandra was an epitome of both dharma and pitr
vAkhya paripalanam, would there been a conflict in such a situation for


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