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From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 13:40:38 PDT

Dear friends,

A few of you have sent me private mails wondering why I am making "so much 
unnecessary fuss" on the "list" on a seemingly "trivial matter of doctrine" 
in the ongoing debate on "sandhyavandanam".

I have to tell you this discussion is not mere doctrinal hair-splitting. It 
involves the central issue of what is our position on "gAyatri"/ 

My position is that the unfailing performance of "gAyatri-sandyAvandanam" as 
"nitya-naimittika-karmA" is a paramount obligation on us … NO MATTER WHAT! 
There is simply nothing in the Vedic religion which compromises on this.

When this position is sought to be undermined, when it is openly being 
suggested on the list that those who perform it with anything less than 
so-called perfect "dhyAna" turn it into "useless ritual" … to question the 
very need of "gAyatri" for one who has become an "enlightened" 'sOmbAr'…to 
me all this sounds dangerous and terribly slighting. Somewhere in all this 
there is travesty of "gAyatri" --- the Mother of all Vedic thought?

How can one remain silent, then? Perhaps you can. I can't.


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