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Periya Thirumozhi 4.8- Lord-Indesribable even By Vedas has come to my heart!

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Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 02:39:29 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr in 4.7, had requested the Lord to remove the obstacles and 
his sufferings that are the hurdles for attaining Him. Here AzhwAr gets into 
nAyikA Bhavam and Parakala nAyaki literally languishes. Her mother is 
depressed at the darling daughter’s suffering from separation and love for 
the Lord. The mother’s lament
and cries are this lovely ten in 4.8

1. My daughter, who has the red coral like mouth, says; “ Oh KaNNA! The One 
who broke the tusk of Kuavalayaapeetam elephant!; My Swami! The One who has 
the most beautiful dark hued Divine ThirumEni like Karu neydhal flower, and 
dark clouds!; She also sings on the Lord of Paartthan paLLi saying “Oh 
Divine consort of Periya PiraaTTi and the Lord, who stays at Thirunaangoor 
full of tall buildings!”.

2. My darling daughter, who has soft cotton like feet, says,” This Youth is 
the One  who killed the terrifying elephat that was sent by Kamsan! He is 
the most wonderful  and most greatest Lord who sucked the life (even as an 
infant) of Poothanai, the
who came with an ill intention!” She also sings on the Lord of 
PaartthanpaLLi, saying “ This Lord is Devaadhi Devan, residing at this 
sthalam where brahmins always live!”

3. She is not lime others who talk about one place for sometime and then 
about others. She always sings on Paartthan paLLi PerumAL. She says “He is 
the Master of all words and the Universe. He the male elephant is my 
enjoyment; He hugs the tender
breasts of young women (of Ayarkulam) and plays with them with flower balls; 
The four Vedas always keep searching and re-seraching His Greatnesss and 
KalyANA GuNAs (and is not able to see the boundary) -such Greatest Lord is 
He; He , the Most wonderful Lord stays here permanently at Thirunaangoor- 
Thus she sings on Paartthan

4. The mother laments and is worried that She has crossed her feminine 
limits.. My daughter, the one who wears bangles has now gone ahead leaving 
her feminine shyness; She says “He is the One who built most wonderfully the 
bridge across the  deep ocean”; She sings that  He is the Deva Devan, 
residing at Paartthan Palli;

5. My girl says “My Master is the One who destroyed the lankA surrounded by 
oceans, and killed the asurAs; He is the warrior who has the great bow in 
His resplendent hand;” She sings, saying “This Lord is here at Paartthan 
paLLi, of Thirunaangoor
where tall buildings are there obstructing the moon’s path.. He is the One 
whose duty is to save others at all times” (One shall read Swami Desikan’s 
Upakaara Sangraham to understand this statement. ) Thus, she destroyed her 
femininity and is being talked about by all.

6. My darling daughter who speaks sweeter than even the tasty milk, says  
“He is My Swami who swallowed everything during PraLayam and
saved the Universe and brought them out afterwards; He has lovely form  and 
colour like that of the dark blue oceans that surround the whole world; She 
also sings saying “He is Deva Devan of Paaarthan paLLi of Thirunaangoor 
where fishes jump merrily into the fertile fields;”

7. My girl whose feet are so tender, and thin, says “ My Swami is the One 
came searching for me and captured my heart; However much deep, it is not 
possible to measure His greatness by all Vedas at all times; He is so great! 
She sings saying” This Lord is the Deva Devan of Paartthan paLLi of  
Thirunaangoor, which is full of most beautiful gardens..”

8. My darling girl says “My Chief is the unparalleled Lord, praised by all 
worlds; He has got the weapons (Ayudhams) i.e. ChakrA, due to whose lustre, 
even Devas and The Sun and the Moon can not dare go near Him” He is most 
friendly and is close to those who are devoted to Him-says She. She sings 
saying “He is the Lord of Devas, and resides at PaartthanpaLLi of Thiru 
naangoor, where Brahmins who are like the Tilakam of South stay..”  Saying 
all this, being talked about by all, She has lost her feminine grace.

9. "KaNNan enRum vaanavargaL kaadhalitthu malargaL thoovum eNNan enRum 
inbhan enRum yEzhu ulagukku aadhi enRum...." adadaaa!
My girl who always speaks softly and sweetly, says (now) “He is KaNNan”; He 
stays in the hearts of Devas who offer flowers at His Feet with lots of love 
For Him;- says She. She says “He grants bliss and Absolute happiness;” She 
also says “He is the Cause of all seven worlds;” She sings saying, “He is 
the Lord of Paarrtthan PaLLi, where strong tall buildings are seen”

10. This ten is about the Divya Desam of PaarrtthanpaLLi, where great
Brahmins live.. This is as told by the mother of what the most beautiful 
lady talks about the Lord of this sthalam. Those who recite them (which is 
composed by Kaliyan), will live for ever at SrivaikuNTam.. blissfully..
(Please read these Tamil pAsurams; Very sweet and greatly rhyming!)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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