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Re: Sri Vaishnava tradition

From: Bhuvana . (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 19:27:18 PDT wrote:

>I am currently reading books on basic Hinduism.  Is there anything like
>"Dancing With Siva"  for westerners from a Vaishnavite perspective?

I wonder if you mean "The Dance of Siva" by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. If this 
is the book mentioned by you, it doesn't refer to a Shaivite (or for that 
matter, any other religious) perspective at all. In fact the complete title 
of the book is "The Dance of Siva, Essays on India Art and Culture". You 
will agree with me that it deals with everything from Indian Music and Art 
to the status of Indian women. The title essay within, describes exactly 
that...the dance of Siva as Nataraja and has little to do with Shaivite 

But you've got the right idea. I understand web access can be difficult, 
yet, I would strongly suggest you try to access the sites recommended by 
Mani Varadarajan at some point. They are lucid in their interpretation and 
easy to comprehend even for humble beginners like me!

Best wishes,


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