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Sri Ranganatha's saulabhyam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 18:02:26 PDT

[ From a recent email sent to me by Sri M. Srinivasan,
  formerly of Chicago, now a resident of Koyil (Srirangam). ]

We are living in a rented house on the southern banks of Kaveri. ...
Yesterday Sri Ranganatha stopped by at a relative's house on the way to
Kaveri. So we were able to have great sevai. He set out at the temple by
6:00 AM, and reached the AsthAna maNDapam on the Kaveri only by about 11:30
AM. He made numerous stops on the way to enable a lot of devotees to see
Him and offer worship. If the soulabhyam exemplified by arcAvatAra is
great, even greater is His karuNa in seeking out in the streets those that
are unable to go to the temple. Hundreds of people had sevai as he stopped
in each of the many resting places along the way.