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best place to get Perumaal vigrahams?

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 16:31:38 PDT

Dear Sri Mani Varadarajan :

The best vigrahams are of the highest cliber are 
cast in and around KumbakONam .Sri Rengarajaan's father 
could eb of help in acquiring such a claasical type 
of Vigraham .At KumbhakONam , the vigrahams
are made by sculptors , who have their shops
in front of Sri Ramar Koil , which is a kilometer
or two from Sri AarAvamudhan Temple . 

Swamimalai is another town , where such vigrahms are made 
and that is not toofar from KumbakONam city limits .

When you have the Sri Lakshmi HayagrIva Vigraham ,
you should have PrANa prathishtai done by 
H.H. Parakala Matam yathis.

Best wishes ,

>Dear Bhaktas,
>What is the best place to get a Lakshmi-Hayagriva
>and other Perumaal vigrahams in the Madras area?
>Preferably, I would like a vigraham that is very
>finely sculpted, in the old-style bronze color, not 
>the new-style shiny golden-colored panca-loham.