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LNKS posts

From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 23:48:56 PDT

Dear members,

Mani and I are net-comrades. We both in our own ways have an abiding and 
impersonal interest in kindling free flow and exchange of ideas and views on 
the net on 'srisampradAyam-vishayam'. I daresay both of us enjoy it 
immensely when other members, ordinarily accustomed to remaining "silent", 
are suddenly jolted out of their seeming somnolescence and prodded to come 
out and share their own thoughts. To this end I am at least happy that some 
vigorous exchanges have taken place in the past few days in the context of 
Sri.Mani's remarks on the LNKS and my own. Indeed some extremely insightful 
comments have been made by members both on the list and in private mail to 
me... I don't know how many such mails Mani may have got!!

While Mani and I may have differences let not our "exchange" on the list be 
mistaken by you all that there is any personal rancour between the two of 
us. Both of us have objectivity and would like to deal with matters on 

And by the way, we are good thick as any two net-friends who 
have corresponded with each other for over 2 years now can be. Make no 
mistake about that!

Both Mani and I want to see the LNKS series concluded... more as an offering 
to our Lord of Ahobilam than for anything else... our intellectual jousts 
and diversions are only "side-shows" and they must not be allowed to deflect 
us from the central mission of worship of a form to our beloved 

Primarily to that end, and also in deference to friends/members of the list, 
we shall resume with LNKS soon .... as soon as I can recall the thread of 
our discussions when we left it off. It might take a few weeks but please 
bear with me.

adiyEn dAsAnu-dAsan,

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