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new member introduction

From: a c (
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 16:15:22 PDT

I am quite shy in some ways (hence the anonymity) but quite bold in others.
 By way of introduction I include a portion of a recent post to the Advaita
list.  I hope it and I might be welcome here...

Someone (in response to me) says...
>It might be worthwhile exploring it as your insights have great value. The 
>Experience of Self is Self-Confirming and requires no "external authority." 
>Sages and Scriptures are clear and consistent on this topic. That the nature 
>of Self is Self-Delight, Pure Self Awareness, Supreme Satisfaction, The 
>Essence of Completion. The Self has absolutely no longing for anything what 
>so ever, is beyond all thought and doubt, and is Whole and Complete. Perhaps 
>you can give your views on such words to convey the nature of the Self. 

Oh well... at the time, there is no doubt or want. There is no thing to
doubt or want and no one to doubt or want it. It is much as you say.

Sometime after this happened I was rather miraculously introduced to a very
great being who will doubtless be considered in the same league as
Ramakrishna if not Ram and Krshna. When I really noticed how they were I
thought "ahh... if God were here this is what He would be like". As I saw
the love coming from this being I felt a pulse of love in my own heart
quickly erupting into something like a molten wave rushing out without
bound. This love seemed to be coming out of everyone and everything else
too. The physical world seemed to become a fluid mass of light and I could
not understand at all what happened next. 

Now it seems that simply surrendering to God is the best segue to
nonduality which is why I write the things I do -- but perhaps I'm veering
closer to the Bhakti list by doing so? :-))


P.S.  dear Bhaktas (hope that's close to correct) --  I am a western person
with more respect for Hindu tradition than knowledge.  Please forgive me if
I inadvertently mispell things or get it all wrong.  :-))