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stotra ratna contd.

From: sriram suresh (suri64_at_HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 07:28:37 PDT

Respected members,
                  Slokhas 55 through 58 of Yaamunaacharya's stotraratna are 
as follows :-

slokha 55 :-

Tava daasya-sukh'aika sanginaam
bhavanesu astu api kiita-janma me;
itaraa'vasathesu maa sma bhuud
api me janma caturmukh'aatmanaa.

May I be born even as a worm in the homes of those who are solely devoted to 
the joy of serving you; but let me not be born even as the four-faced Brahma 
in the abodes of those who are otherwise disposed.

slokha 56 :-

Sakrt tvad'aakara vilokan'aasayaa
trniikrtaan uttama-bhukti-muktibhih;
mahaatmabhir maam avalokyataam naya
ksane'api te yad viraho'ati duhsahah.

Make me an object worthy of the benign look of great souls, who with the 
hope of having even a single glance at your form are ready to reject as 
worthless as a blade of grass,even the highest enjoyments and liberation, 
and whose seperation even for a moment is very unendurable to you.

slokha 57 :-

Na deham na praanaan na ca sukham ases'aabhilasitam
na c'aatmaanam n'aanyat kim api tava sesatva vibhavaat;
bahir-bhuutam naatha! ksanam api sahe yaatu satadhaa
vinaasam tat satvam madhu-mathana! vijnnaapanam idam.

O Lord, neither the body, nor the pranas, nor the happiness coveted by all, 
nor even the self, nor anything else that is outside the requirements for 
your service, can I, even for a moment put up with.
Let them perish in a hundred ways. This in all truth is my entreaty to you, 
O slayer of Madhu!.

slokha 58 :-

Durantasy'aanaader apariharaniiyasya mahato
nihiin'aacaaro'aham nrpasurasubhasy'aaspadam api;
dayaa-sindho! bandho! niravadhika vaatsalya jaladhe
tava smaaram smaaram guna-ganam it'iichaami gatabhih.

Though I, a beast of a man without any standard of conduct, being the seat 
of all vices and cruelty, am fated for an eternal and calamitous 
destiny,still I am free from all fear, remembering you again and again, You 
an ocean of mercy and parental love, and innumerable virtues of a similar 

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu


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