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Re: "sandhyAvandanam" and "visEsha-bhagavath-kainkaryam"

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 10:17:42 PDT

Sri Sudarshan wrote:
> The "sandhyAvandanam" ritual does not become "useless ritual" simply because 
> its performer goes through it mechanically. 


> So in these discussions of "sandhyAvandanam" and "bhagavath-kainkaryam" 
> please do not be carried away by the devotional lines of a "pAsuram" 
> divorced from the real context in which it was sung. Yes, the lines of the 
> AzhwArs are, of course, beautiful and very evocative. But they are the 
> outpourings of liberated mystic souls. 

Sri Sudarshan:

What is your basis for dismissing the clear message of both the Alvar
and two great pUrvAchAryas? Certainly the Alvars were great mystic souls,
but this in no way gives us an excuse to disregard their advice, especially
when it is patently clear that they are counselling us on behavior.
In this particular case, there is no other alternative but to read
the Alvar paasuram as advice to people of the world.

Now, no one is suggesting that people should give up sandhyAvandanam,
least of all the Alvar. But I cannot see any reason to disagree with
Alvar and Swami PV Pillai when they declare that sandhyAvandanam must
done with bhakti and with reflection on the kalyANa-guNas of PerumaaL.

It seems your position is that it is ok to do sandhyAvandanam without 
thinking of PerumaaL. I respectfully request pramANa-s from acharyas'
writings in the Sri Vaishnava sampradAya. In the meantime, I will take
Swami Periyavaaccaan Pillai's explanation over yours.

Thank you,