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Butter thief

From: padmini ranganathan (
Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 05:07:18 PDT

Dear members,

Sri. Madhavakannan has immersed all of us in KrishnAnubhavam.
The anubhavam, as posted by Smt.Viji  is simply great!

After all, our butter thief attracts everybody, so appropriate to his
name. "Karshati iti Krsn:" Krishna is the one who attracts! But whom
does he attract? Our 
AcharyAs & AlwArs are naturally attracted by him. But 
his attraction is such that, even people who claim that 
he is nirguna, etc etc.  cannot stop falling for him! 
Is he not mAyan? 

Here is the sloka by a shaivait, Leela Shukar, in his 
Krsna karnAmritam, wherein he experiences as,

ShaivA vayam na Khalu tatra vichAranEyam
panchAksharI japaparA: nitaram tathApi
chetO madIyam atasIkusumAvabhAsam
smErAnanam smarathi gOpavadhU kishOram 

"we are shaivaits undoubtedly & always engrossed in 
reciting the PanchAksharI japam. Nevertheless, my mind
always think of  that kid of yashOdA, with a smiling face
& whose lustre is as that of atasI kusuma(it is a blue
coloured flower).

Here is the anubhavam of a staunch advaitin 
MadhusUdana saraswathi:

DhyAnAbhyAsa vashIkrtEna manasA yannirgunam nishkriyam
jyothi: kinchana yOginO yadiparam pashyanthi pashyanthu tE
asmAkam tu tadEva lOchana chamatkArAya bhUyAt chiram
kAlindyA: pulineshu yatkimapi tannIlam mahO dhAvathi

"Let the so called yogins, who controlled their minds by Dhyana &
abhyasa, behold upon the Brahman, as just a 
"jyothis", which is nirguna(without attributes) and
nishkriya(actionless). But we percieve the same, as that blue
lustre(Lord Krsna), which is playing on the banks of the river YamunA."

Here, the nirgunatva & nishkriyatva, have gone (by the
mention of neela & dhavathi). Even though, Sri. madhusUdana saraswathi,
himself is an advaitin, he is unable to control his mind, which runs
behind that kid of yashOdA. Isn't our butter thief "mAyan"?

When these so called advaitins couldn't stop falling
for our mAyan, the plight of our Azhwars, are very well

When He is capable of attracting the animals & birds,( "ezhudu
chttirangal pOla ninranave!- periyAzhwAr. It can be recollected that
when this wonder kid played his flute, the animals etc forgot their
food, oozing out from their mouths & stood still as if they are
pictures), what would be the fate of MadhusUdana saraswathi & LeelA
shukar? It may be recalled that an advaitin, Appayya dIkshitar, has
written a commentary on swami desikan's "yAdavAbhyudayam". 

mAyan thiruvadigalE sharanam
RAmanuja dAsI

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