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Re: advice on "dhyAna" for a novice?/Sri Vijayaraghavan's Posting .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Aug 31 1998 - 16:58:19 PDT

>>At 04:23 PM 8/23/98 -0400,Sri Vijayaraghavan  wrote:
>>>Dear Prapatti Group Members:

>>>Shri Mani wrote:

>>>I would like those among you who engage in
>>>any kind of contemplation, no matter how "simple",
>>>to give me suggestions on (a) how to concentrate,
>>>and on (b) what to concentrate.
>>>Adiyen's reply:
>>>Adiyen would like to share a technique which is helping me improve in
>>>dhyana but I must admit that I am still far away being perfect.  The
>>>technique used - I must hasten to add - is not corraborated by any formal
>>>yoga school.  Therefore if I am doing any thing wrong please feel free to
>>>say so.
>>>In a day, there are two places we do dhyana.  During the
>>>Gayatri/Ashtakshara Japam and during Manaseeka ArAdhanam.
AdiyEn's observations on the above posting (V.Sadagopan)
Dear Prapatthi Group Members :

As one , who has been fortunate to participate
in an AarAdhanam for Sriman NaarAyaNA conducted by
Sri Vijayaraaghavan , You will be able to appreciate
what I am going to decribe . On a sacred Dhanur Maasa morning ,
in 1996 , I had the blessed experience of participating in
such an Aaradhanam at his house .I can only say that the peace ,
serenity and the inner joy with which he performs the AarAdhanaa
is a soul-stirring experience .His tender and
prEma-laden offerings of UpachArams by him to the Lord
and His consort are genuinely executed and comes
from deep inside driven by his anubhava janitha Anandham
of communion with the SaraNya Dampathis.

Also , if by chance , you have caught  a glimpse of him
performing Gayathri Japam in the mornings , you will agree
that he is not in this world at all .I stayed in the same house ,
where he stayed at Pittsburgh and was touched to be a witness
of this blessed scene in the morning against the rising Sun .

>>Hence I can vouch for the power of MaanasikA ArAdhanam.
>>I will write about this type of ArAdhanam at another time .

It is not my intent to embarass Sri VijayarAghavan or
make him self-conscious , since , his anubhavam comes
from deep within and is such a delight to witness and
be part of .