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Re: dhyana

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Mon Aug 31 1998 - 11:39:59 PDT

Sri Chandarasekar wrote...
>nAdhamuni being a great yOgi; I read in that article that he had 
>a vision of nammAzhwAr through his yOgic powers and devotion.
>Has nAdhamuni delivered any ideas on this subject in his works?

Dear sirs,

In fact Sri Nadamuni has written bashya for the patahajali's yoga 
however, in his subsequent years once  he came in touch with bakhthi,Sri 
i have heard, he felt that he had wasted his time in yoga etc..
and what is more important is bakthi and prapatti.

as per the words of 
Sri Kulasekaran

"adi paadi arangavo! "... 

this should be the spirit of any devotion or bakthi or dhayna.
what is important is bagavat bakthi, which will lead to pragyana, then 
to parama bakhthi.

in fact Srivaishnava acharyas have not given any impotance to things 
like dhayana,yoga etc.

same is case with followers of Srila Prabhupada of Iskon.

infact i was surprised to see many postings on dhayna,yogic systems.

to my small mind, all this only lead to a state of
"i am performing this" attitude inspite of one'e best effort to think of 
Sriman Narayana on such a mission.
this thought itself goes against a srivaishnava's swarupam who should 
always do anything either for his preethi or he beleives that whatever 
happens is
his divine work(alagila vilaiyattudai-refer kamber on his opening verse 
on Sri Ramayana.)



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