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Re: thirumAlai

From: narayanan kazhiyur (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 19:41:24 PDT

>MrAnbil wrote,
> He can(Sri Ranganathan) now go sleep on his Adisesha with full 
confidence that he has able advocates...

Dear Friends,
Though Mr.Anbil's above statement is only a casual and purely in nature 
of humour,i would like to share with you an incident of Sri Ranganatha 

As such For Sri Ranganatha there is no sleep.
refer azhwar
1.uranguvan pol yogu seiginna peruman
2.ari  kadal naduvul ari thuyil amarthanai.

Hence he is always in ari thuyil(yoga nithra)he knows what is happening 
around. he keeps on performing his duty, still he is sleeping posture.

I heard form elders, once Sri Chandrasekara Swami(paramacharya) of 
kanchi mutt who attained mokhsam 3years back , once casually remarked 
that maya engulfs everybody. also Sri Ranganathan. and that is why he is 
sleeping out of the tamasic effect of maya.

For this casual remark, Sri Annagarachar swamy of kanchi, condemed this  
statrement left right and centre and asked whenthey refer God as 
nirmala:, Nirguna: where is the question maya engulfing and Tamasic 

Finally Sri Paramacharya had to give explanation.

MY posting is purely to share a old experience and not find fault with 
Sri.Anbil's posting. I fully understand  casual intention of his 



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