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come join us

From: Ramesh Sarangapani (
Date: Sat Aug 29 1998 - 08:45:43 PDT

           Srimathe LakshmiNarasimha Parabramhane Namaha:

Dear Friends -

Sri Ahobila Mutt's 600th anniversary celebration is just 
around the corner !!

As you all know, this is going to be three day event (Sep. 5-7th)
hosted by Sri Ranganatha Temple. The program for first two 
days is going to be in NJ and the last days program will be
at Sri Ranganatha temple. All information regarding this function can
be obtained via internet at

Hope all of you can join us to celebrate the Anantha Kalyana
Vaibhavam of Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan and the Azhagiya-Singers
of Sri Mutt. Free accommodation and transportation will be
provided to those who need it. Free prasadam will be 
distributed to one and all.

Ramesh Sarangapani