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RE: Dear members!

From: Anand K Karalapakkam (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 19:03:40 PDT

Srimate Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha ParaBrahmane Namaha

Dear  Sri  chandrasekar &  other devotees , 
 namo  nArAyaNA. PranAmams .

Sri  chandrasekhar  wrote : 

   Some of you may have glanced at some doubts I had posed
in my earlier few posts. I am sure rest of the bhagavathas 
may have shunned those posts as some pidhatRal.

I would like to re-post a doubt here in this mail and
request learned members like Sri Sadagopan, Sri Anbil, Sri
Mani, Sri M.K.Krishnaswami, Sri Rengarajan, Sri Sudarsan,
Sri S.Krishnaswamy, Sri Anand K. and others whose erudition I 
am not acquainted to, to share their wisdom on these matters.

With regard to sacrifices made over yag~na agni:
 Is not agni an inert component of this prakriti? How can
it have likes and dislikes?! What actual philosophy lies behind 
this presumption that agni likes meat etc.?

adiyen :  The  word  " agni "  at first  refers to  Sriman nArAyaNA  (
 erudite  members are  requested  to  explain  this ) . 
It can also  refer  the  jIvAtmA  "agnI"   who has  been given the  
post  of  "agnI"  as  a  demigod . It  can  also  refer  to the  "fire" 
( the  body of jIvAtmA  agnI ) which is  nothing  but  "matter " .

 Upanishad  says  "Wherever  Name &  Form  exists , both  jIvAtmA 
&  paramAtmA  resides out  there "  (  chAndogya  Upanishad  says  
something  similar  to  this ;  adiyen  forgot  the  "classic"  pramAnams 
 quoted  for  this  fact . But  adiyen has heard them in kAlakshebams .
 erudite  members  are  requested to  throw   some  light ) . So, certain 
 jIvAtmAs  resides inside  materialistic things   like  chair , table , pen  etc 
 ie. "chair"  is the  body  of  a  "jIvAtmA" ;  "table"  is  a  body of  another
  jIvAtmA  etc . But , the  dharmabhoota  jn~Anam of these  type  of  baddha 
jIvAtmAs  are  extremely  shrunk  due  to  their  heavy  amount of  sins
 ( thats why  they  got  such  type  of  bodies )  . 

  If  a  rishi  curses someone  to  become  stone  ,  it  doesn't  mean  that  
the  jIvAtmA  will  transform  into  a  matter . It simply  means  that the  jIvAtmA  
which at present is occupying a  human  body  will  get  a  "stone"  as the 
body . If  a  jIvAtmA  previously  had  a  superior  devatA  body  &  because 
of  curse  gets  some  body  like  "snake"  ,  it  is  possible  for the  jIvAtmA  to  
retain some  of  the  special  functionalities  like  speech .  

  Devotees  while  taking  bath in sacred  rivers ,  pray to the  "river"  . This 
 doesn't mean that they are fools  talking to some matter . They  know  that  
 there is  a  jIvAtmA  which has  the  particular  "river"  as  its  body . That  
 jIvAtmA  can  also  take  a  devatA  body  apart from  the  "river"   body .  
 That  devatA  body  will  be  feminine  in  nature . River  GangA  yielded  a  
son,  River GangA  is  wife  of  someone   etc refers to   the  jIvAtmA 
 (  having  the  body  of   "river  gangA" ) which  can  take  devatA body also.
  There  is  a  jIvAtmA  associated  with  a mountain also . That  jIvAtmA  may 
  have  the  special  qualification  of  taking  a  devatA  body  also. Similarly , one 
  can  keep  extending .  The  purAnAs  are  not  employing  any  symbolism  while
  explaining  these  things.  Rather  one  needs to  know  the  tattvA  behind  it  & 
 appreciate  it . 

   Coming  back to  the  question ,  the  yaj~nAs  are  done  for  the  pleasure  of  
 Sriman  nArAyaNA only . But  if  one  does  it  for  the  satisfaction  of  say  "agnI" 
( ie. JIvAtmA  agnI  )  then ,  agni devatA  rewards  accordingly . That  agni devatA 
( jIvAtmA)  has  likes & dislikes . 
   If  two  persons  are  simultaneously  doing  yaj~nAs  at  two  different  places & 
  they  simultaneously  call   the  demigod  IndrA  ,  then  IndrA  appears  to  both 
  the  places  simultaneously  with  the  devatA  body  ( If  ya~jnA is done  properly,
  IndrA  will be  there . Also , the  person  performing the yaj~nA needs to  have 
  the  qualification  to  see  the  demigod  IndrA ) . 
   But  jIvATmA  being  atomic  in  size , can only  be  in one  place . It cannot  be  in
   different  places  simultaneously . But , the jIvAtmA  eventhough  is  in one place &
    say has  body of type "A" ,  it  can  control  other  bodies of  say  type "B" , "C"  etc  
    through  its  dharmabhoota  jn~Anam .  In other words , the jIvAtmA  IndrA  is  at one
   place  only . It has a devatA body . The  other devatA body  is  simply  controlled by 
  the  jIvATmA IndrA, through  the dharmabhoota jn~Anam  itself  ( all  pleasure , pain etc 
   of this  devatA  body  also affects  the  jIvATmA  though  it  is not physically  inside it).
  Please refer  to  the Feb 98  archives  ( 0044.html) in reply to  "anutvA of jIvAtmA" , for
  further  info  on  these  matters .

namo  nARAyaNA
anantha padmanAbha dAsan