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Sri purushOththama naidu...

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 11:06:45 PDT

Sri Sampath Rengi wrote:

Dear bAgwathAs,
Some eyebrows were raised while reading
quotations from "AchAryA hrudayam". adiyEn
would like to provide some additional info
on this aboorva grantham.

It is a widely accepted fact that no one
has studied Sri nammAzhwAr's mind
so thoroughly as similar to Sri Azhagiya
maNavALa perumAL nAyanAr. His "nool" or grantham is
in manipravALam.  It is said that Only a few have thoroughly
understood this aboorva grantham "AchArya hruthayam".
Sri purushOtthama Naidu took extraordinary efforts
to understand this and write a simple tamil literature
on this (ie., vyAkyAnam for vyAkyAnam) known
as AchArya hruthayam or in tamil "mARan maNam" (ie nammAzhwAr's

    Sri purushOththama nAidu is a great tamil scholar. He has written
such vyAkyAnams for other vyAkyAnams, the most important being the one
for Idu vyAkyAnam. It is excellent. It is available at the Madras
University library. There are around 10 books costing about Rs. 200
each. During my last visit I bought the first two. Stupid me, I didn't
have enough cash on me and they won't take credit cards :(
It is an excellent start for Idu vyAkyAnam.

(BTW shouldn't the title of the book read as "mARan manam"? )

(Vijay Triplicane)