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Thiruvaaymozhi 9.4- I am a Great bhAgyawAn to see Him and sing about Him

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 01:17:30 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

NammAzhwAr enjoyed the greatness of Sriman Narayanan in the last ten and 
now immediately, he gets more excited to see Him. He expresses his 
dvarai (urgent desire) to see Him then and there . In this ten, AzhwAr 
calls Him and he is happy for being blessed to have seen Him even.

1. EmperumaanE! In Your Most Beautiful broad chest, Periya PiraaTTi 
MahAlakshmi, (the One who has the lovely dark, large eyes, and sits on 
Lotus flower) stays most gracefully being united with You always. 
(nithyaanapaayinee- the one who never gets separated). Oh Sriya: PathI! 
You have the "scorching" ChakrA and the Divine Conch in Your hands. I 
wish to see with my physical eyes this kOlam (form) of Yours with sanghu 
and chakram. (A small digression: We, at Simhapuri, are blessed with the 
ChakratthAZhwAr sannidhi (at our Srinivasa PerumAL Koil, at Seraangoon 
Road) with Lord Nrisimhan at the back of ChakratthAzhwAn, similar to 
what we have at Srirangam. Yesterday was the consecration 
(samprOkshaNam?). Do you have one such SudharsnAzhwAn- Nrusimha 
combination at US?)

2. KaNNE! You are the eyes for me to see You even; (means: You should 
only bless me to see You- You are the means to see You.) My heart has 
been calling You in order to see You right now. It has been exerting 
itself to somehow see You. There are floods of thoughts, barging in to 
find our ways to see You. Even BrahmA, DevAs, and Rishis can NOT see 
You. When even they can Not see You, I, out of my sheer love for You, am 
yelling to see You. I simply can NOT live without nearing You. 

3. As KaNNan, You lifted efforlessly the Govardhana mountain and 
protected the cows from heavy rains. I (adiyEn), the lowly self like the 
dog ("adinaayEn")- am getting my mind completely liquefied 
("kuzhaidhal"?) while I call You with Your sweet names. (Similar to the 
dog wagging its tails at the sight of its master, my mind also wags when 
I call You). Will Your merciful nature be exhausted and not be there 
with You? Like that my mind laments. Or have I gone out of the range of 
Your merciful nature even?

4. Oh Lord NarasimhA! The One who is not known even by DevAs and asurAs. 
After realising that "this AthmA is only Yours and is for only Your 
servant; That is the only fittest thing for the AthmA", the only 
remaining thing and the fruit is kaimkaryam. Isn't it, Lord? Even then, 
my foolish mind is looking for something to be obtained from You. (like 
seeing You and enjoying You, here).

5. My Lord, My Emperumaan is the One who took Narasimha avtaar. He is 
everyone's master! He is bigger than everyone and anyone. He is the 
Primordial Chief- the One who created BrahmA; He is having His Yoga 
nithrA on the Adhi sEshan. My mind longs and desires for seeing such 
greatest Lord's (The Black Beauty with Divya ThirumEni) Lotus Feet. 

6. BhagawaanE! The Chief of Nitya sUris! You alone are in my thoughts 
always. Hence, I wished to retain You in my heart and enjoy You. You 
blessed me with that and You have showed me Your face too. You are 
unmatched, peerless, unparalleled Lord, who is there at Paramapadham. In 
as much as You make NityasUris enjoy You there, You stay in my heart and 
have made me enjoy Your presence in my heart, uninterruptedly.

7. My blemishless, faultless EmperumaanE! The one who stays in my heart 
and lets me enjoy Him constantly at all times! Due to Your great love 
for me, You have occupied in my heart's entire space. Oh NarasimhA! The 
One who tore the proud hiraNyan's chest into two pieces! My mind 
relishes to the fullest extent thinking of You only. 

8. I have seen KaNNa piraan, the One who is cause for BrhmAdi DevAs; the 
One directs them; the One who is antharyaami, in every being; the One 
who is the Primordial Chief; the One who is also the stumbling Block for 
all "wrong" (vibharIta jnAna) religions. (dEvargatku ellaam karuvaagiya 
KaNNanaik kaNdu koNdEnE!)

9. I am blessed to have the darshan of my Emperumaan - the Chief of 
NityasUris- the Paramapadha nAthan. I am extremely happy and am having a 
blissful experience of seeing Him with both my eyes to the greatest 
satisfaction. Hence, I am able to get rid of all my karmic entanglements 
and all sins accrued by me from time immemorial. There is no hurdle for 
me henceforth to enjoy my dearest Emperumaan. Also, I am blessed to sing 
in praise of Him, these verses that are so palatable and sweet for His 
devotees. Thus, not only did He acknowledge me as His servant and 
entered into my heart, He also made me sing my great anubhavams in these 
verses. How much of a bhAgyavaan am I! 

10. My Lord- My Emperumaan- My Dearest Bhagawaan Sriman Narayanan- has 
blessed me greatly by saying "he is my servant and devotee". That "tall" 
Lord of mine, has got the greatest of auspicious attributes and of 
beauty unparalleled. He has GarudA as the flag for His chariot. He 
measured the whole universe with His Feet, leaving no stone untouched by 
Him. Such Greatest Lord- "I", the lowly self, have been blessed to 
attain Him and get saved. What is the reason for this greatest deed onto 
me? Just a simple jnAnam (thinking) that I am His servant makes me get 
blessed by Him to such an extent? What a bhAgyam! What a bhAgyam! (How 
merciful is He!) (This pAsuram is the most favourite of Paraasara 
Bhattar's, for its reference to Bhagawaan's dayALa guNA on His devotees) 

11. KaNNan, the one who killed the huge elephant kuvalayaapeetam- About 
Him, Sri SadagOpar of Thirukkurugoor has sung 1000 verses. Those who 
read these ten out of 1000 pAsurams will enchant NityasUris and 
enrapture the Lion of NityasUris, the Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan.

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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