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Re: Pancha Sooktham recitation

From: Rangarajan Sridharan (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 19:02:26 PDT

> Sriman Sunder Kidambi very kindly provided a post-script file of 
> the Devanagari text of the Pancha Sooktams according to Sri Vaishnava 
> Sampradayam. This will be chanted during Tirumanjanam at the 600th 
> Anniversary Celebration of Ahobila Matham in NJ. All interested 
> in joining the Veda Goshti can download the file from:

Dear Bhagavatas,
  I have heard from a few UpAdhyAyAs that one should recite Pancha Sooktams
only after learning it from a teacher, since it is part of the Vedas.
Is this true? Can someone shed more light on this? Are we allowed to recite
Pancha Sooktams by just reading from the script?
R. Sridharan.
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