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REF : Dhyana and Gayathri Japam

From: Valathur Muralidharan (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 15:06:16 PDT

Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha.

Namaskars to all Bhagavathas.

The postings on dhyana and control of mind have been truly informative.
I would like to bring in one point that might throw more light on these
discussions.  When doing dhyanam with a bead (mala) for counting, I find
I am able to concentrate more than if I do without it.  I've even
thought this to be a phscyological effect.  But in reality , since our
brain remains active in moving the beads on, you quickly regain yourself
when stop moving beads due lack of concentration.  Also while holding
the beads, keeping it off the lap and the ground , holding it at a chest
level helps more.  Though it seems a physical strain, that helps in
controling the mind. ( I wonder , could be that's the reason , our
rishis were having japa malas and dhandams (a handrest made of wood ) )
.  Does any of the bhagavathas have similar experience / opinion ?

A question on Gayathri manthra - to my very little understanding , the
essence of Gayathri mantra is salutations to sriman narayana - the one
dwelling with in Surya mandala which provides light and energy to the
three world .  If so, why Gayathri is rated high / at par with
Ashtaakshara manthra ?

I pray to the learned bhagavathaas of the list to put up postings on
sandhyavandhanam .