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mAran maNam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 13:56:08 PDT

Dear bAgwathAs,
Some eyebrows were raised while reading
quotations from "AchAryA hrudayam". adiyEn
would like to provide some additional info
on this aboorva grantham.

It is a widely accepted fact that no one
has studied Sri nammAzhwAr's mind
so thoroughly as similar to Sri Azhagiya
maNavALa perumAL nAyanAr. His "nool" or grantham is
in manipravALam.  It is said that Only a few have thoroughly
understood this aboorva grantham "AchArya hruthayam".
Sri purushOtthama Naidu took extraordinary efforts
to understand this and write a simple tamil literature
on this (ie., vyAkyAnam for vyAkyAnam) known
as AchArya hruthayam or in tamil "mARan maNam" (ie nammAzhwAr's

Coming to the debate, and the following argument

Sri Murali wrote
>The Azhwar has specifically
>stated that there is no difference between Parama Padam and
>Tiruvenkatan. This constitutes the necessary and sufficient condition to
>establish Tiruvenkatan as the foremost DD.

There may not be any difference between
parama padham and many other divya dEsams as quoted by not only
nammAzhwAr in several places but by other AzhwArs too. But as long
as we are on the other side of the viraja river, and not
under the "thAL nizhal" of the Lord, the
differences are only seen. ie ., as long as we are not given the
thanathAL nizhal. So, it is most important only to see
as to who elevates us to this perceptible mode and allow
us to enjoy HIS "sAmeebyam" in "thanathAL nizhal" by giving
HIS "thanathAL nizhal".

Besides the argument such as this, doesnot come anywhere
near the "pramANam" quoted from "AchArya hruthayam"
on "than oppAr illappan
thanthanan thanathAL nizhalE".  I request
tamil scholars to quote if there are any other divya dEsam
that they can interpret as the one having the essence of
"saraNyatthuvam" all in one, and with the word "thanthanan".
adiyEn will provide more detailed meanings of this very word
"thanthanan" later.

Sampah Rengarajan