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thanthanan thanthAL nizhaLE - part 8
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 11:43:33 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
This is the 8th and final part of this series which 
Sri Sampath Rengarajan wanted me to post.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Subj:	 thanthanan thanthAL nizhaLE - part 8

First, it is learnt that AchArya hruthayam 
is given utmost importance in   learning
our thamizh maRai. Then, what is the most
important aspect and the ultimate   need
for AzhwAr as well as all of us and jiVas
are seen. Such aspect known as saranyath 
thuvam is described in "vuyirp paattu" in
thiruviNNagram mangaLA sAsanam. So our
entire analysis is based on accepting our
AzhwAr aruLich cheyal as a pramAnam for 
this friendly debate.

If  some  one says AzhwAr aruLichcheyals
are  not  acceptable in intra shcolastic
debates, we may say that it is  so  only
fot the debates of a Srivaishnava with a
vedAnthin or a scholar from other faith.
As such this pAsuram is from "Sri Bagawath 
vishayam", one of the chathur granthAs of
importance to our siddhAntham. 

When    there   is   a   debate    among
Srivaishnavas,  if  someone  says   that
AzhwAr  aruLich cheyAl is not accpetable
as a pramAnam, then we must request them
to    first    read   Swami    dEsikan's
"Kaasiniyin mani anaitthu" that  upholds
nammazhwar  arulich cheyal as  the  most
valid and authoritative source that  has
NO comparison. If still not convinced, it
is  better we all go to our AcharayA and
seek  their  guidance  on  this  pasuram
"kaisniyin"  and  in  this  context   of
authority  of nammAzhwAr aruLich  cheyal
in inter srivaishnava debates.

Now  that we learnt this - let us  go  and
see one important opiliappa bhakthAL who
is  doing a nandavan kaimkaryam to  HIM.
We  approached a house with gardens  and
there Sri Sadagopan receives everyone.

Sri Sadagopan: I heard all that you said
Rengarajan, It is wonderful.

Sri  Anbil:  Rengarajan, your  eedupAdu
with  poorvahcarya works is  very  deep.
Keep it up.

Rengarajan: It is all your AsirvAdahams.
Now,   adiyEn   wants   to   hear    HIS
mAhAthmiyam  from devareer now.  By  the
way,  we have also brought a old  person
who  wanted to hear it and was here  all
this time. (looked around), I think
he has left and is not here.

SadagOpan: Rengarajan, you know that  HE
will be in perumAL sannithi now.

Sri   boomidEvi  thAyAr    samEtha   Sri
thanthanan thanathAL  nizhaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan