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thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 7
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 11:35:17 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
The following is the 7th part on the subject by 
Sri Sampath Rengarajan.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Subj:	 thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 7
There  is  no  single  pasuram  that  is
valued  more  than  this  pasuram   that
starts  as "ennappan" on oppiliappan  in
the  whole  of tamizh vEdam  4000  divya
prabadndam, as this is pasuram  confirms
that " this is the Lord who gave mOksham
to   AchArya  nammAzhwAr  by  the  words
"thanthAnan".  And there  is  no  better
word   in   the  4000  than  this   word
"thanthanan thanathAL nizhalE"

And as far as the pathigam "nalguravum",
AzhwAr says the nitya suris
will  say  "these jivAtmAs  have  simply
attained  all  the thasais  or  pERu  or
qualities  of  nitya  suris  simply   by
chanting these 11 paasurams and hence we
must henceforth consider such holy souls
as our acharyas as well".

If  such  puNNiya palan is  obtained  by
merely  chanting  these  11  verses  why
compare who got more verses etc.

Coming  to  AzhwAr when he delivered
this  pathigam, AzhwAr was worried  over
the opposite terms used in each pasuram.
Lord  Oppiliappan appeared and gave  HIM
darshan (kaNdu konmingaL ulageerE!)  and
said  that  LORD HIMself is standing  as
the  antharyAmim of all the  pathams  in
this  pathigam.  Thus  HE  is  known  as
"sErAtha  poruL ellAm sErttha  perumAL".
Lord   oppiliappan  also   offered   the
darshan  of  all the 72 other kshEthrams
that   nammAzwAr   did not   do   mangaLa
sAsanam. Such is the aruL sakthi of this

Sri   boomidEvi  thAyAr    samEtha   Sri
thanthanan thanathAL  nizhaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan

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