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Re: "un appaa illai; en appaa..."
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 05:52:03 PDT

     Dear Sri Madhavakkannan,

     I just noticed this after having read your post. I don't know what to
     say. I am spellbound. This is indeed His leela. My first reaction to
     this post was I laughed from the bottom of my heart out of sheer joy.

     This only brings into light that Srinivasan is voting for Arangan
     while Arangan is voting for Srinivasan.

     Sri RanganAyaki thAyAr samEtha Sri RanganAthan ThriuvadigaLE saraNam

     adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

     Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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Subject: "un appaa illai; en appaa..."
Date:    8/26/98 1:30 PM


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I was just reading the bhakti post of #1 Divya Desam. It made me feel of the
never ending "leelAs" of Sriman Narayanan, when I was reading Sri Venkat's
post on Srirangam. It is kind of quite a beautiful "setting". One side- we
have "Thirumalai" Vinjamoor "Venkatesh"- having Thirumalai, Venkatesh name
in him, and is all out for getting Sri Ranganathan on #1 rank. (the trophy
is already with Him, however!). Other side- we have " Sri Rangaswamy"
(Muralidhar) literally putting all his efforts to keep yEzhumalaiyaan on top
(as He actually is on top of the seven mountain!)

adadaa! He is so great and sowlabhyan in letting us play with Him. (He is
"en appaa". "no! "en appaa").

Narayana Narayana


Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan