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Re: thirumAlai

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 10:24:17 PDT

Sri Sampath Rengi, in his personal mail to me described  an interesting
exporession of araN^gan. Thought I'll share that along with my reply with the
group. (Sorry this is in tamil.  My limited translation skill would spoil the
mood and sentiment, I think ... :) )

Sampath Rengarajan wrote:

> dear viji,
> it is wonderful piece. no doubt ! no other perumAL
> make (TP) AzhwAr go through so much trouble. Having made him
> go through such, HE alsoe proivides HIM the bliss. No other perumAL
> has the similing face and comes to the entrance of the temple to receive HIS
> bhakthAS as well. Nice reading it.

    As you said, He is the one who comes to the entrance to receive His
bhakthAs. Sri vELukkudi svAmi used to say,"oru bhakthan madraslEndhu vandha
udanE araN^gan romba poorichchu pOyiduvAn. "enna sowkkiyamA, prayANam ellAm
eppadi irundhadhu. Rockfort'la vandhELA? Madras'la thaNNi kashtam ellAm eppadi.
pEsAma iN^gEyE kAvEri karaila settle Ayida koodAdhO..." enRu visArippAn.
appERpatta soulabhyam.!! " "


> Regards
> SR

Vijay Triplicane