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thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 6
Date: Wed Aug 26 1998 - 11:09:45 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
The following is Part 6 of this eries which Sri Sampath Rengarajan desired me
to post on his behalf.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Subj:	 thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 6
Now  let  us  deal with some words  here  and
compare it with the famous "ahalahillEn"
of   nammAzhwAr   on   thiru   vEngadan.

sarangathi is an act that we perform and
such act is  a  sAthana  upAyam  that  goes  upto
removing  the  anger Lord has  on  baddha
jivAtma  and all its sakthi is exhausted
and  rests  after that (Swami  desikan's
sarama slOka surukku vyAkyAnam). Then it
is  upto the Lord alone as  the
siddhO  upAyam and offer the mOksham  or
"pERu".  Nothing  can cause  the  siddhO
upAyamto  be  bestowed upon. It  is  Lord's  
own decision.

When  nammAzhwar did sarangathi he  said
"adiyEn     un    adikkeezh     amarnthu
pugunthEnE" ie., adiyEn surrenderd under
your  holy feet, thiru vEngada. But such
nammAzhwAr   confirms  here   at   thiru
viNNagram   that  "thanthanan  thanathAL
nizhalE".,  ie thanthanan is  the  vinai
muRRu  for this pAsuram. which means
that  Lord  oppiliappan is the  one  who
GAVE me mOksham (thanathu AL nizhalE).

Oh  my fellow bAgwathAs, please tell  me
who  would  you say is the most  supreme

1. the one to whom  one surrenders


2.  The  one who gives you mOksham  when
you surrender there.

I  think the answer is straight forward.
It  has been established by the "AchArya
hruthayam"  also that this is  kshEthram
that nammAzhwAr got his pERu or mOksahm.
Lord   oppiliappan  is  the   saranAgatha
rakshagan  who  has the  most  important
aspect  of all Lords of 108 divya desams.
Lord  Opiliappan  is the  one  who  gave
nammAzhwAR HIS MOKSHAM. LORD oppiliappan
is  the one nammAzhwAr asks all of us go
and  surrender  to, to get  our  mOksham
right there and then.

Sri   boomidEvi  thAyAr    samEtha   Sri
thanthanan thanathAL  nizhaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan