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Thiruvaaymozhi 9.3- Narayanan- avanE avanum avanum avaum

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Aug 25 1998 - 21:53:24 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Emperumaan, (in order to let the AzhwAr enjoy Him and to grant AzhwAr 
whatever he wishes), shows His NarayaNathvam to AzhwAr. AzhwAr, in this 
ten is greatly elated in his narration about Sriman Narayanan and His 
greatest guNAs. Let us IMMERSE OURSELVES in the vast ocean of 
Narayanan's guNAs. (you should read these original pAsurams; so poetic 
and excellent!- sample is in 2nd pAsuram, that I have reproduced in 

1.	Emperumaan's name ALONE is capable of saving us with thousand faces 
(or thousand names!). It can save all seven worlds. He has thousands of 
such Greatest Capable NAMES. How Great is He! He is the One who has 
unmatched, unparalleled, Black form of Beauty, Sriman Narayanan. He is 
Our Swami, Our Emperumaan. (Similar to Sri Ramanujacharya's "akila 
jagath swAmin; asmin swAmin"- He is the Swami for the entire universe; 
also is mine- "akila jagan maatharam; asman maatharam" She is the whole 
world's mother; also my mother- The very fact that He is the Master- 
Swami- Lord of the whole universe takes Him so far away from us, the 
lowly self, the smallest of the smallest, incorrigible sinners. Still, 
He is so merciful that He is our Swami, too! Our father! Our Lord! Our 
Sowlabhya Emperumaan! )

2.	"avanE agal jnAlam padaitthidanthaan/ avanE adhu uNdumizhndhaan 
aLandhaan/ avnE avanum avanum avanaum/ avanE maRRU ellaamum 
aRindhanamE/" (Please read again! Look at AzhwAr's handling the sweet 
Tamil words!.. ). Emperumaan- He created the vast, wide Universe. During 
praLaya kaalam (Cosmic cycle end), He protected it by bringing it back 
(during varaaha avataar.). He ate the entire world and retained it in 
His stomach for saving the same during ("another") praLayam. He measured 
the whole universe with His Feet. BrahmA, Sivan, Indran are all He, as 
antharyaami in them. (avanE avanum avanum avaum- first avan- BrahmA, 
second avan- Sivan; third avan- Indran.) He is anything and everything 
in the universe, (including the universe itself). Due to His grace and 
mercy, I am blessed with this truth. (AzhwAr blesses us with the 
Thirumanthram and its Greatest meanings with the above two pAsurams. The 
meaning of "Narayanan" is the Origin of everything; the Cause of 
everything; the Savour of everything; and the inner essence 
(antharyaami) of everything and everyone. "anthar bhahischath sarva 
vyApya nArAyaNasthitha:-) 

3. Vedic saasthrAs proclaim all rare truths. The epics and purANAs bring 
out the Vedic truths more firmly and decisively. We still could not get  
a clearer picture of Emperumaan- we only get to know that Emperumaan 
alone should be capable of being known by us. JnAnis and Rishis pay 
obeisance to Him and get Him as the medicine for their disease of 
births/deaths, but are not involving themselves in enjoying His Beauty. 
But, due to His tremendous grace and dayA, I am blessed to enjoy Him to 
the fullest extent and to know Him completely. 
4. NityasUris, address Bhagawaan "You are the "aushadham"(medicine) for 
us and cause for our bliss. By enjoying You, our happiness is multifold. 
Such a Great Piraan is the black Beauty KaNNa perumaan. Oh (My Dear) 
mind! Please never let Him, (The Lord of Parama padham- The Devaadhi 
Devan- our Emperumaan, who grants us even the Paramapadham,) slip out of 
you. Never ever let Him whisk away. Hold Him tight.
5. Oh My dear mind! I, the greatest sinner, need to ask you not to leave 
Him and let Him slip out of you. Our Emperumaan wears the most fragrant 
thuLasi garland and is the Greatest, unmatched, peerless One. To reach 
Him alone is OUR DUTY- OUR KARMA and I have told you what we need to 
attain. Do not leave Him at all. 
6. It is Periya PiraaTTi MahA Lakshmi's shoulders that He hugs. It is 
asurAs with whom He fights (and wins!). It is His churning of Milk Ocean 
(ThiruppARkadal) and blessed Devas with amirtham (nectar). My mind is 
melting tremendously becoming His servant alone and only for Him. 
7. Bhagawaan, took the form of Nara simha rUpam, and tore the chest of 
hiraNyan with His sharp nails and killed him. My mind has been desirous 
of seeing Him at ParamAkAsam, Sri Vaikuntam. (The upper Great Space). My 
heart has been longing to see His permanent place Paramapadham. 
8. Emperumaan  destroys all our good and bad deeds, with no trace of 
remnant even. Again, He is the One who does NOT let our AthmA enter into 
another body and start all over again and let us get out of this vicious 
cycle. He shows Himself at ThiruvEnkadam so gracefully in standing 
posture and blesses us. When there is ThiruvEnkadam on this earth for 
us, only to reach Him, can we leave the chance? Even Devas come here to 
pay obeisance to Him. Hence, there is NO DIFFERENCE between Parama 
Padham and ThiruvEnkadam  (Advantage Murali and Sudharshan!)
9. BhagawaanE! I shall bring most beautiful fragrant flowers, pure water 
to perform Thiruvaaraadhanam to You. But as per You, even this is NOT 
required and is more than enough. (That shows Your mercy! And greatness, 
Lord!). EmperumaanE! The One who has AdhisEshan as Your bed! I simply do 
not KNOW how to hug Your Lotus Feet and ways to perform my kaimkaryam to 
You. I am so lowly.
10. BrahmA lives in the Lotus flower that is born from Your navel. Sivan 
lives in a part of Your Divine Body itself. DevAs serve You as Your 
servants. Your Greatness- Your capacity- Your powers- forever- one can 
keep praising them for ages at a stretch. How will "I" be able to do 
justice to that?
11. About the Greatest Most Merciful, Emperumaan and in praise of Him, 
Sri SadagOpar of Thirukkurugoor has sung 1000 pAsurams. Out of those 
1000, readers of these ten will SURE TO ATTAIN SRI VAIKUNTAM naturally. 
(and automatically).

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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