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thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 5
Date: Tue Aug 25 1998 - 12:45:56 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
Following is Part 5 in this series which Sri Sampath 
Rengarajan wanted me to post.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Subj:	 thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 5
Now let us re look at this closely as to
what  each  centum gave  such  and  such
"pERu"  to AzhwAr as conveyed by  AzhwAr
himself. Of all the ten aspects conveyed
in  the  ten   centums it  goes  without
saying  that "saranyath thuvam"  is  THE
MOST  important aspect of the Lord dealt
in  6th patthu. I am not saying this but
all  our poorvaCharyAs say so. There  is
an  unanimity of view in this among  all

Now,  If you take a closer look  at  the
presentation  above,  as  per   "AchArya
hruthayam", the most important saranyath
thuvam  is dealt in the sixth centum  in
the  "pathigam" or decade starting  with
"nalguravum"  on oppiliappan.  i.e.  for
the  sixth  centum the para ubadEsam  of
AzhwAr  is situated in this pathigam  or
decade with entire essence of the  sixth
centum  in it. So now it comes  down  11
pasurams on thiru viNNagarAn as the most
important in thiru vAy mozhi.

Among these 11 pasurams the vuyirp pAttu
or  the  "life pasuram" that  tells  the
essnce of this decade (in this case  the
centum as well) is

"Ennappan enakkAY iguALi ennaip peRRavaLAy
ponnappan maNiyappan mutthappan ennappanumAy
minnap pon mathil soozh thiru viNNagaram sErntha appan
than oppAr illappan thanthanan thana thAL nizhaLE"

The simple meaning is such that The lord
who  is  my father, mother and  sevilith
thAy  gave  me his darshan as ennaappan,
maNiyappan,  mutthappan,  ponnappan  and
than  oppArillappan  the  five   eternal 
forms. Such lord   gave  me  the  refuge 
ie., This is that Lord  who  offered  me
mOksham under HIS holy feet) under   HIS 
holy feet!!
        (   )   Oooo        
         \ (    (   )
          \_)    ) /

There are so many other vyAkyAnams  that
are available and adiyEn is blessed with 
to write for this one pAsuram  (in  more 
than 10 pages). adiyEn  will Keep it for  
the  web page.

Sri   boomidEvi  thAyAr    samEtha   Sri
thanthanan thanathAL  nizhaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan