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Mukkoor Azhagiyasingar's RAmAnuja SiddhAntam - 2

From: Anand K Karalapakkam (
Date: Mon Aug 24 1998 - 20:09:43 PDT


          < Translated by Sriman Jaganath Bharadwaj > 

  --- cont---

Prakruti exists below Suddha sattvam.  It covers all the area
below Suddha sattvam & Suddha Sattvam exists above Prakruti. Of the three
types of jIvaatmAs, nityAs and muktAs are eternally worshipping Sriman 
nArAyaNA in Sri VaikuNTam and are eternally experiencing bliss.  They
will never be confined to a material body and be forced to experience
suffering like birth and death, like the people of this world.

MuktAs used to be baddha jIvaatmAs like us.  They surrendered to Sriman
 nArAyaNA, got rid of their sins and are now experiencing bliss in Sri
VaikuNTam alongwith  nityasUris and other mukta jIvaatmAs in the service
of Sriman nArAyaNA.  Among the baddha jIvaatmAs, one after many tens of
millions of years of prayers (ArAdhanam), will attain the post of BrahmA.
He proceeds with the process of creation within his territory or
BrahmaandA.  He works according to the  orders given by Bhagavaan.

Another jIvaatmA performs many kinds of sacrifices (yaj~nAs)  and attains
a post called devadevA.  He proceeds with the process of destruction under
the orders of Sriman nArAyaNA.  He is the one commonly referred to in this
world as ShivA.  Another jIvaatmA performs 100 horse sacrifices
(Aswamedha yAgA) and attains the post of IndrA.  He is the superintendent
of the three worlds (Bhu, Bhuvar and Suvar). 

Some baddha jIvaatmAs accrue substantial punya karmA and take births in
the world of IndrA, BrahmA & the like.  Others perform sacrifices
(yaj~nAs)  in this world and proceed to SvargA for a short time where they
experience some pleasure.  Once this punya karmA is exhausted, they come
back to suffer consequences of their remaining combination of sins and
merit . Yet others keep performing terrible austerities.  They are called
Rishis, for e.g. VashistA, ParAsarA, VyAsA and SukA.  Some are practicing
the process of Bhakti Yoga to attain liberation.  Yet others surrender
(prapatti) to Sriman naaraayaNA to attain the same goal and are waiting
for their liberation.  Yet others show total disregard for the scriptures,
gods, those who lead a life in strict accordance to scriptures, commit
atrocities and at the end of this life proceed to Yamaloka to experience
hell.  Yet others, in spite of having committed sins, had the good
fortune of being corrected by great souls, perform necessary repentance
for their past sins, and live a life without committing further sins.
Yet others may have led an inappropriate life in their younger days.
But they have seen other people around them die.  They wondered about
the consequences of their actions in a future life and have since mended
their ways and are practicing rites like SandhyAvandanam ordained by the

Some baddha jIvaatmAs think that it is possible that there is truth in
the scriptures, and that liberation is also similarly possible.  They
perform Saranaagathi in the belief that there is nothing they can lose
in the process.  Yet other baddha jIvaatmAs have seen how mantrAs work
miraculously to cure snake bites and scorpion stings.  They ask to
themselves, if these mantras can work for removing the venom of these
animals then why will Saranaagati not work for removing the venom
called sin?  They are thus totally convinced about the efficacy of this
process and come and surrender to the Feet of Lakshmi Nrusimha.  Yet
others surrender to the Feet of Sri Ranganatha, or Sri Devapiraan, or
Sri Srinivasar and live an ideal life under the directions of their
respective AcharyAs.

For those who surrenders with total faith, Sriman nArayaNA bestows
liberation at the end of this life itself and blesses them with bliss.
For those who surrender without total faith, Sriman Narayana will, if not
in this life, at some time in the future make this person surrender with
total faith and attain liberation.  It will not go waste.  The 3 types of
jIvaatmAs, prakruti, Suddha sattvam, time etc., all these elements are
pervaded internally and externally by nArAyaNA (antar bahischa tat sarvam
vyApya nArAyaNa sthitaha ). In this way He controls them in addition to
protecting them.

This is why everything is considered to be the body of God by the
VedAntA ( Upanishads : "yasya Atma sarIram " , "yasya pruthivi sarIram").
 Lakshmi and Narayana are the ParamaatmAs. There are unlimited number of
baddha, mukta and nitya jIvaatmAs.  Prakruti gets divided into 24 elements
to form the various bodies of baddha jIvaatmAs.  Suddha sattvam goes on to
form the bodies of Lakshmi, Narayana, nityasUris & mukta jIvaatmAs, and
are as well as present in the form of  palaces, gopurams, Viraja river
and every source of happiness in Sri VaikuNTA.  

  "Time" (kAlA) which is eternal & indestructible, determines when it is
appropriate to perform sacrifices (yaj~nAs) , perform nitya karmAnushtAnAs
(like SandhyAvandanA) ordained in the scriptures, experience the fruits of
past karma, perform the worship of God ( Bhagavad ArAdhanA) & as well as
to perform various other activities.  

JIvaatmA, ParamaatmA, Prakruti, time, Suddha sattvam are the primordial
elements that are never subject to destruction.  The Knowledge
(dharmabhoota jn~Anam)  of a jIvaatmA is also an entity.  All other
substances that have a name and a form are subject to creation and
destruction. Darkness and smoke are subtle forms of earth, because of the
smell associated with smoke and the dark blue color associated with
the darkness called tamas.  

It therefore behooves us to perform Saranaagati to Sriman nArAyaNA,
thereby giving Him an opportunity to cut loose these shackles of
conditioned life , out of His mercy.  We can then reach Sri VaikuNTam
and mix with nityasUris and mukta jIvaatmAs, perform devotional service to
Sriman nArAyaNA and attain unlimited bliss.

Bhagavaan in Sri VaikuNTam inorder to protect those who have sought
refuge under Him , makes various incarnations like RAmA , KrishnA &
the like , as stated by Him in "yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya, glaanir
bhavati" . The prime purpose of such incarnations is to protect the great
devotees (sAdhUs).  Also, for the sole benifit of those of us who
did not take birth during the time of His incarnations, He takes various 
archAvatAram as in Srirangam and other holy places.  Our Lakshmi Nrusimhan
is so merciful that one needn't go in search for various Divya Desams,
since  He Himself comes to the residences of His devotees.  It therefore
behooves us to take shelter of His holy Feet and attain unlimited bliss.

Srimate  Srivan Shatakopa Sri VedAnta Desika Yateendra mahAdesikAya namaha