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Report ON AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM Kaimkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Aug 22 1998 - 10:23:15 PDT

Daer BhakthAs :

By end of the next week , the extended CD ROM specially 
prepared for the Ahobila Matam's 600th Anniversary 
celebrations will reach America . A colleague of mine is 
hand carrying it from Mysore .Anantha Research Foundation 
has done a splendid job in assembling rich content and 
saastraic input with great devotion to our SampradhAyam. 
Emphasis has been placed on  AarAdhanam for the BahgavAn 
as established by our revered AcharyA himself in his 
Nithya Grantham and on his other eight Sri Sookthis .

We plan to complete the full CD ROM in two versions 
( Vadakalai and Thenkalai Versions ) to reach out to 
an extensive set of BhakthAs interested in helping 
the youngsters in their community understand the great 
heritage we are heir to .The images , the audio recordings 
are of the highest quality from my experience . 

We neeeded 14 K$ for the full project and 4K$ for 
the immediate needs of preparing the extended demos 
for immediate use .I thank all of those , who have 
supported this important project to use the new media 
to reach all aasthikAs and their families to 
learn about our venerable sampradhAyam and pay our
reverence to our great AchAryA .

I am pleased to let you know that we have received pledges 
for $4,000 for the first phase of the project .Many of you 
have already sent your pledges to Sri Dileepan ( The Ahobila 
Mutt , 1908 Presswood Drive, Hixson , TN 37343 for 
USA Tax deductible purposes ). I request those , who are 
yet to send in your pledges to do so at your earliest convenience . 
BhakthAs resident in India can contribute directly 
to Anantha Research Foundation in Mysore in Rupees .
I will be happy to give you the address at Mysore .
With our AchAryA's blessings , we feel confident that we
may be able to have the remaining 10K $ resources to
complete this MahA kaimkaryam to failitate Sri Bahgavadh
RaamAnujA enter and reside in your houses . Please consider
support incase you have not participated so far .

Here is the list of Supporters of this project for the record :

1. A donor Who wishes to be 
   annonymous (USA)---------------  $1,008

2. Nine BhagavathAs from Bahrain :
   Coordinated by Sri I.V.K.Chary --$1,124.10

3. Sriman V.Sadagopan --------------$108

4. Sriman Dileepan -----------------$108

5. Sriman Balaji Soundararajan -----$200

6. Sriman (Lexmark ) Srinivasan------$51

7 .Sriman Sampath  Rengarajan--------$108

8. Sriman Valathur Muralidharan------$100

9. Srimathi Indira prathivaathi------$100

10. Sriman KaralapAkkam Anand ------$100

11. Sriman Diwakar Kannan ----------$108

12. Sriman Vic Soundararajan--------$108

13. Sriman Nadathur Madhavan --------$50

14. Sriman Murali & Srimathi 
    Bharathi Kidaampi ---------------$216

15. Sriman maadhavakkaNNan------------$108

16. Sriman S.Prasad -----------------$108

17. Sriman & Srimathi Krishnamachari--Pledged

18. Sriman Murali Rangaswami----------Pledged

19. Sriman (TAMU) GovindarAjan Rengarajan--Pledged

    Total realized commitments ---------------$3,705.10
    Anticipated pledges from above 3 BhakthAs $  294.90
    GRAND TOTAL : $4,000 

Please forgive me , if I have failed to include anyone ,
who might have supported .All the supporters will get a 
copy of the full CD , when it gets completed by the year end .

The work involved needing these additional 10K funds 
is as follows :
1. Graphic Designers : 4 Man Months(MM): $4K
2.Lingo Programmers: 3 MM :$4.5K
3.Audio Recording : $2K
4. Data Collection: $1.5K( Information Design ,
   Scanning of Images , Travel) 
5.Telephone , E-Mial, Rental of Premises:$1K
6.Consumables( Burning of CDs , Rental Machinery):1K

Total : 14K$ 

Once again , I express my own and that of the Anaantha
Research Foundation Board Members our gratitude for your
most welcome and  anticipated support to complete this
pioneering Kaimkaryam inservice to our AchArya Paramparai .

Daasan , V.Sadagopan