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thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 3
Date: Sat Aug 22 1998 - 04:59:10 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
I am forwarding this post as requested by Sri Sampath Rengarajan.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Subject: thanthanan thanathAL nizhaLE - part 3

One  of our poorvAchArya is Sri Azhagiya
maNavLap  perumAL nAyanAr. He  delivered
an  arbutha  grantham by  name  "achArya
hruthayam".    Meaning   what    exactly
nammAzhwAr  had  in his  mind.  In  that
grantham,     the     fourth     circuit
(prakaranam),  there are  10  soornaikaL
(formulae) delivered. These 10 sooranais
talk  about the 10 patthus of thiru vaay
moZhi and convey their "essence". It  is
said at the end of 3rd circuit that

"pAttukku  kriyaiyum patthukku karutthum
nooRRukku ubathEsap patthu",

ie., In each pAsuram either directly  or
indirectly  the  kriyApatham   or  viNai
muRRu  (the verb that ends the sentences
of the pAsuram) is very important. It is
because  without  this vinai  muRRu  the
sentences   will   not   be   completed.
Similarly  in  each decade or  pathikam,
there  will  be "a" single pasuram  that
will  clearly provide the inner meanings
of  the  whole decade or pathigam.  This
pasuram is  called vuyirp pAttu of  that
pathigam   or  decade  of  ten   or   11
pasurams. Similarly for each patthu that
contains 100 pasurams, there will be one
pathigam  that is pradhAnam or prominent
and  will  be doing a para ubadEsam  (ie
doing  upadesam to others of the essence
of  the whole 100 pasurams in ten or  11
pasurams  alone) and such pathigam  will
be  the most important pathigam for that
centum.  This  is  the  essence  of  the
sooranai presented in AchArya hrudayam.

Now  let us look at this closely  as  to
what each centum gave such and such pEru
to AzhwAr as conveyed by AzhwAr himself.

1st  patthu - parathuvam ( the supremacy
as Sriman nArAyana the only God)

2nd  patthu - kAranatthuvam - the  power
or     sakthi    of    Lord    as    the
cause of all causes

3rd  patthu  -  vyAbagath thuvam  -  All
pervasiveness,    being    present    as
vishnu in all things an d beinbgs at all

4th  patthu - niyanthruth thuvam - comes
from  the  word nayami (nayami  paramaam
gathim of varAha sarama slOkam) one  who
has  unquestioned power to *lead one  to
perform saranagtahi*.

5th  patthu  - kArunigath thuvam  -  The
kaurani or merciful state

6th  patthu  -  Saranyath thuvam  -  the
power  of  standing as  the  saranya  or
fulfilling the role of saranyan  through
HIS siddHo upAyam.

7th   patthu   -   sakthat   thuvam    -
Omnipotence   (one   who    sakthi    to
accomplish whatever HE wishes)

8th  patthu  - sathya kAmatthuvam  -  As
referred  in sarangathi gadhyam,  sathya
kama,  sathya sankalpa refers  to  nitya
vibuthi and HIS dominion over the  ubaya
vibuthis as the ubaya vibuthi nAthan.

9th  patthu - Abathsagath thuvam  -  One
who  is  a friend of bakthAs who are  in
danger   (eg.,    Gajendra   azwar   and

10th patthu - Aarathi harath thuvam - As
an anishta nivarthakan, who destroys all
sorrows born ourt klEseam resulting from
samsAric   existence.   Harathi    means
stealing   away   and  means   removing.
ManavALa   maamuni's  artthi  prabhandam
dealing  on  Lord  Varadahn  as  pranata
Aarthi   haran   contains   many   inner
meanings to this aspect.

Sri   boomidEvi  thAyAr    samEtha   Sri
thanthanan thanathAL  nizhaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan