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Re: No No !! Number One Divya dEsam - Srirangam
Date: Mon Aug 24 1998 - 05:54:11 PDT

Arangan is winning.

On Date:    8/21/98 9:03 PM

Sri Mani Wrote :

>From here, namperumaaL was taken eventually to Tirumalai
and was installed in the "ranga maNTapa", which is on the left
side near the dhvaja-stambha as one proceeds for sEvai of
Lord Srinivasa.  namperumaaL's presence here is what
transformed Tirumalai fully into an authentic Sri Vaishnava
kOyil -- only after He graced the malai was there regular
recitation of the Divya Prabandham and performance of
grand utsavams in the Pancaratra style.  Previously, the
priests of Tirumalai, who follow the Vaikhanasa Agama for
their temple rituals, did not encourage or engage in
pArAyaNa of the Divya Prabandham.

Great, this is what I was referring to as, one can read
from the story 'Thiruvarangan Ula'. All the points said by
Sri Mani can be found in this story. In fact Sri Mani was
right in that Swami Desikan first came to Satyamangalam
and then stayed on at Thirunarayanapuram. But note that
Swami Desikan arrived at Satyamangalam, even before
Arangan reached there. In fact Arangan reached there after
going to many places like Jyotishkudi where He is said to
have met NammAzhwAr from AzhwAr Thirunagari who was also
on an exile due to the Muslim invasion. They travelled
together for some time, but due to the differences between
the Goshtis of the two, they had to part at some  place on
the way to Satyamangalam.

Also from what has been notified, by Sri Mani, as above,
it is clearly evident that Thirumalai turned into an
authentic Sri Vaishnava divya dEsam just because of our

So........ (Here I leave it to all the bhaktas to 'Fill in
the Blanks. 100 marks for correct answer!!!!!).

Please take my last two lines particularly the ones in the
brackets in a lighter vein.

vAsakha dOsham kshandavyaha

adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan

Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

     P.S : But, Sri Mani, as per what I heard, in Thirumalai they still
     follow VaikhAnasa AgamA. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am sure at
     this because one of the Archaka at Thirumalai has a kainkaryam in
     ThiruvallikkENi also. Since ThiruvallikkENi is following VaikhAnsa
     AgamA I believe, Thirumalai is also following the same. Not because of
     any link between ThiruvallikkENi and Thirumalai but because of the
     Archaka who is doing the kainkaryam in both the kshEtrams as I think
     an Archaka who is doing kainkaryam as per one AgamA cannot do the
     kainkaryam at a place where the other AgamA is followed.