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Another Question
Date: Fri Aug 21 1998 - 15:21:11 PDT

I sincerely thank all of you who took the efforts in answering my questions on

the rites/practices of either Acharyas or  Avatara Purushas. I was overwhelmed

by all the nice words and praises that I have received on posting my sisters

poems on this site. I am waiting to convey the same to her, and chances are she

will definitely "lose-it" now. I thank all of you, and with a special thanks to

Srimans Sadagopan and Ramesh Sarangapani.

Sri.Varadhan, in our discussion on the Best Arca-murthi and Perumal, based on

Divya Desams, mentioned Sri.Narasimhar of Sholingur. I have visited and prayed

to this all-smiling and cheerful Perumal, and also Chinna-malai to pay respect

to SriHanaumar, and I am surprised I overlooked him.

My question pertains to if there is a specific reason as to why in most Perumal

koils (based on my extremely limited knowledge) there is a sannidhi for

Narasimhar (eg. Thirumalai, Thiruvarangam, Thiruvellikani). One does not find as

many for other avatarams such as Matsya, koorma or Varaha or Vamana. I am not

taking in to consideration Ramar, Krishnar avatarams. Yes, Varahar swami has one

in Thirumalai.

The second question is in regards to the temple adjoining Thiruvarangam, where

Sri Kattu Azhagiya Singar resides. Yet another beautiful arca of Narasimhar.

Could some one throw some light on the Sthala-Puranam of this place.

Azhwargal Thiruvadigale Saranam

Sriman Narayana Thiruvadigale Saranam